POLL: Do you use a AV with Comodo Firewall & Defense+ or not?

Hey Guys

I would like to see how many people use either:

  1. Comodo’s Antivirus, With Comodo Firewall & Defense+ (including Sandbox). In other words, using CIS as a suite.
  2. Alternative Antivirus, with Comodo Firewall & Defense+ including Sandbox.

Why? Because I personally believe that Comodo has a big enough whitelist to make sure the good applications run, and the unknown, malware, get sandboxed. Without the use of AV - Considering AV detects only what it knows, so why use a AV then?



I use CIS as a full suite. I mainly rely on Defense+ (inc. Sandbox) for protection but it’s nice to have AV just in case.


Using the full suite here.

I use v4 without the AV (mainly because of database updates issues) and without the sandbox, as I don’t believe the current implementation offers sufficient protection.

I have opted for Proactive mode and custom policies instead, Avast as my AV.


Yeah, me too. I rolled back to version 3 after beta testing version 4. I just don’t believe in Sandbox. It’s more hassle than it’s worth. Also, it reminds me the beginnings of Comodo Antivirus which after release sort of worked, but you couldn’t really rely on it. Now Comodo Antivirus is pretty good, but it took them more than a year to get there. I use the whole CIS v3 suite.

Because it’s another layer of defence against malware and it’s updated daily if not hourly with new malware definitions. It catches a lot of (but not all) unknown malware thanks to heuristics and generic signatures.
As for ‘Comodo having a big enough whitelist’, that statement is a complete rubbish, they fail to keep it updated all the time. Yes, many applications are ‘covered’ by digital code signing certificates, but there are plenty of applications which are not. And it can take months to ‘verify’ an application by Comodo’s labs. Also, for some reasons they do not track any games nor add digital code signing certificates of game developers to My Trusted Software Vendors list.

CIS v4 FW & D+ only, plus Avira on some machines (~30%, total of 80+ machines).
CIS v3 FW & D+ only, plus Avira on the majority (mine own is with v3 on XP and v4 on W7). SBIE on those “security” systems.

Waiting to start counting a time period of 4 months with stable AV/DB updates/engine and that “sandbox” thing (problems with DB updates and scan’s still exists, and the sandbox is still a mess!). Rushed final product, sadly, again. And I suspect that this is the reason why we don’t have the auto-updater working for those with v3, thank’s God.

After that period of time, being proven a stable product, reliable, I will use/install/recommend CIS-FULL on all customers machines. Not until that (v3.0, v3.5 and those 2 or 3 “bad” DB updates on the past gave me a big headache and time waisting, enough to not risk again on short timed beta’s… but this is only my personal expirience…)

CIS is the best suite, sure, I don’t have any doubt, it is far way beyond competitors, so… I can wait a little more and I’ll be on time! And, next week, still in peace with my customers.

edit: running Avira real-time b/c I don’t know who is going to use the machines (most of them are stand-alone), and doesn’t slow down anything, even when those 1-2MB DB updates kicks in (6 hours interval). Light at resources. Extra protection never hurts. And many ppl say porn is cheap and safer than dating…

i’m using the full suite + Avast! v5 with the file shield desactivated :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

On Vista Home Premium
Running CIS 4 (its own AV: stateful) + avast Web shield+ Network Shield only.

Defense+: Safe mode, proactive security
Firewall: Safe mode

Exclusions was added in Comodo AV:

After clicking the eicar txt,
comodo AV detected eicar in above path,
and at the same time avast detected eicar signature and aborted the connection.

Avast webshield and network shield: block exploits and malicious websites.

(high script detection rate also in av-comparatives).

I use CIS as a full suite too, though not using it currently ;D

I was a CIS user till V3.14, but now I’m running Win 7 Firewall + Avira V10 Personal & Immunet, and MBAM on demand only with Immunets’ Quarantine Folder added to Aviras’ scan exclusion, that’s all she wrote.
Sorcerer ;D

Nope. No AV at all and never again. I’ve grown past that long ago. If I ever install an AV, it will be for my brother who belongs to that group that’s click-happy. For me it’s just a waste of time (downloading updates, configuring, researching if it’s false or true positive, etc.) and resources (signature datebase files will only continue to be ever growing, more RAM and CPU consumption).

Quoted for the truth.

All the girls I know don’t need a av, they need an anti-executable approach as they never install anything after the initial programs.
Corporates don’t need an av, they again need an anti-executable as sys admin should not be allowing installs of any kind.
gamers might need an av.
Click-happy and honry males also might need a av.

I so agree with soya. Imagine its 2015 (5 years from now) will you d/l a 500mb or 750 mb signature database… how stupid. And the ironic part is, even after the database the av will miss stuff. … what a waste.

CFW 4 (Proactive Security) only. 8) :-TU

so what ? is that a problem ? do you need the exclusion as above ?

I use the full Comodo suite but with the sandbox disabled since it isn’t working correctly or as advertised. I think that running without an AV, even today, is foolish in the extreme. You never know which formerly safe website or social interaction application is suddenly going to be injected with malware. It happens all the time. The database size figures quoted here will never happen either. Established AV’s have signature DB’s that do not keep growing. They actually stay about the same size since as new sigs are added, old obsolete ones are also removed. Even the Comodo DB, one of the largest in the business, is 20% smaller than it was not too long ago and is not growing.

Full suite for me, I may be ditching the AV in 2 years (any AV for that matter)I’m just going to see how effective they become as malware evolves, and if they start to lose the battle I’ll just stick with HIPS. Its the best AV you can have

I agree with soyabeaner and “co-writers”.

I basically use cis v3, proactive, and i only installed avira (note: whatever some people say on this topic, the general consensus on independent web security sites is that comodo firewall/hips is very good, but antivirus quite lousy, and Melih’s comments about av generally speaking seem to show it is not his primary concern or credo) because it was said in this same forum not to be possible.

I don’t believe a single second in a antivirus, because heuristic tools are not enough and the virus signature always, by definition, is a war too late versus “new virus”, and almost ineffective towards rogues: someone said you can’t keep people (and not only blondes) to click.
If you are not a “mad clicker”, you don’t need an antivirus, and the time left when not clicking has been used to think about security so, even if you get infected by a rogue, it shall only be a matter of 2 or 3 hours, without any “heavy” software, to come back exactly to the previous working state including data.

Moreover, and as being said before, the antivirus itself is not only useless but a pain:
today, it loaded 4 new series of 10 files or so (altough it was updated everyday), the space size is now more then 120 MB for a very recent installation.
Like every other av, it registers some secure files as false positives, making scheduled backups impossible as the virus guard intercepts the procedure when it hits such a file, while it is impossible to exclude each file as such, and to make effective a wildcard path to exclude them all: in this last regard, the av is not only useless, but itself dangerous.

Moreover, and as being said before, the antivirus itself is not only useless but a pain: today, it loaded 4 new series of 10 files or so (altough it was updated everyday), the space size is now more then 120 MB for a very recent installation.
The current size of the Comodo AV DB is 88.8 MB and has not grown in over 3 months. The biggest it ever got was about 103mb. but that was again, a while ago.

It was only my opinion mate. I didn’t make it as a fact or statement; starting with “I personally believe…”

Very useful feedback! keep it coming. :wink:


Just a firewall, (not cis until they fix the logs) and noscript. I haven’t used a realtime av since I started using the web, although I do run mbam every now and then. The other stuff is unimportant, but if it makes you feel secure, I guess it’s useful.