[Poll] Comodo Internet Security users only.

This poll has no other motive other than curiosity.
You may remain anonymous.
Replying is optional.

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Filled in…

“[…] do you full into […]?” Is this a trick question? :o

I seem to be the only one under 20 so far…

Good catch. :-TU
No trick, just plain old misspelled (Fixed). 88)

I seem to be the only one under 20 so far..
Please enjoy, the years speed up as you get older. ;)

I’m the old guy…but interesting question! :-TU

My avatar is misleading. I’m not that old. ;D
Under 50’s.

Your avatar looks about the age I feel sometimes. ;D

[b]Thanks[/b] to everyone that has voted, it is nice to see a broad age group using CIS. If I had to guess before voting, I would have thought that there might have been a few more in the 'under 20' group and maybe a few more in the '30 to 39' group.

All in all I have found it interesting and thanks again. :-TU

Nice to see I’m not the only one over 60. ;D

Well im 40 so im middle of the road.Judging by the poll comodo internet security is for the more mature person and middle aged folk.

That could be because the younger people are generally more into gaming and in the past, CIS was not very user friendly for gamers. It works very well now though so the word needs to be spread.

Or it could simply be that younger people don’t worry so much about security applications, use another product or simply can’t be bothered to answer the poll. 88)

I really get this impression to, all with these openhearted untrustworthy social web sites, cloud computing
(i would never store or backup any really urgent data in the cloud, except maybe in Comodo Cloud)
I am 56 and still going strong, being stronger now with the great CIS. Thank you all at Comodo.

(:TNG) just to make things straight

Young person is someone between 0 - 101
Old person is someone, who already with 16 have the soul of 110 one .

End of discussion :a0

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There is still hope for me yet. :wink: