Poll: Comodo Internet Security Suite [Closed]

Some users have expressed interest in a poll for a Comodo security suite. You may change your vote after casting it.

Please post your views/reasons for voting, such as which products (Firewall, Anti-Spam, etc.) should be combined or not.

I’ll be the first volunteer ;D to explain my selection.

  1. We don’t need to be like some of the competition and make “bloatware”. There will always be people who are conscientious about system performance or enjoy simplistic yet essential features of a security product.
  2. Most of the products are not applicable to everyone’s case (e.g. I only need Comodo Firewall)
  3. There are some who prefer a layered setup by running other software specialized in certain areas.
  4. It will be more difficult for users to have to learn everything. Just look at the number of posts in the Firewall Help board alone :o.
  5. With a collection of products in one it brings a greater chance for complex bugs to deal with.

I’m glad and grateful that Comodo is staying in the right direction by not forcing technology on people (:CLP).

Well, the question is:
What does this suite mean?
1)does it mean that you install and you get everything automatically?
2)does it mean that it has a nice really cool interface so that you can choose which products you want to install/manage and use this cool really nice :slight_smile: interface to manage all your security?

Because if its like 2… then i would like it as i don’t have to mess around with multiple interfaces and its not bloatware!


It’s up to the voter’s imagination :). You’re the big boss, so if that’s possible then go ahead ;D

Well as long as it is something fully configurable for the installation components(firewall, av, hips, etc.) and for their features, I do not see why not.

As long as the same products continue to be as stand-allones applications too.

ps. As I have suggested before why not transform lanchpad in comodo security center?

As long as the user has the option of installing some, one or all of the component on install of the security suite. Having an option to install an all-in-one interface could be a choice on install too.

I really don’t want an interface, personally, no matter if I choose the components, it looks cool, etc.

I prefer to have separate applications, installed separately, with separate icons, etc.

Edit: In other words, I really wouldn’t want a “Launch Pad Pro” even tho I might be able to select which components of the Suite were installed. McAfee did that, but it was still not to my liking. If the LPP option were given, I would want an option to not even install it, much less the specific applications contained therein.


I think it would be a good idea, but only if there was still a choice of what applications you could install.


Hey Folks, great discussion. I think “Rotty” may be on to something. Symantec for example in their ‘Internet Security Suite’, I believe have the various programs broken down so the user can choose which programs to install and which is not desired.
I like the stand alone choices that COMODO so cooly puts out there, I’m blown away everytime I think about it!
I have tested and researched dozens upon dozens upon dozens of varying Security Software Programs over the years and have found only a handful that are solid software programs and none of them are Free.
IMHO, Comodo has an EXCELLENT group of solid, genuine, professional Security Software programs and they are all FREE!! :BNC
So I think when all is said and done what ever the people decide is going to be all good… as long as the “solid effectiveness” is not compromised for convenience (:KWL)

Personally, I think that there should still be the option of installing everything differently and a security suite with mix-and-match capabilities. You should include every single program as an option. I, for example, would want CAVS, CFP, and i-vault, but not Antispam, V-Engine or Backup. But some person might want CFP, Anti-spam, V-Engine and backup and not CAVS or i-vault.

I voted ‘no’ because I want the products to stay independent as top priority. I’m a more advanced user and I want to be able to shape everything to my likings.

But for Average Joe it would be much easier if there is one ‘security thing’ that tells him if everything is fine or not. (I know that Windows Security Center tries to be that place but, well, you know what to think of it.)

Ideally there is a seperate download for the Comodo Security Control Center (CSCC™) that unifies the interfaces of the installed products as well as a Comodo Security Suite download.
That Security Suite download may additionally be offered in two versions: Basic (Firewall and Antivirus) and Full (with all free Comodo software).

That’s how I see it. Keep it simple for the majority that don’t really care about technical details and just want to be ‘safe somehow’ and let the advanced user choose and pick what he needs.


What if they already have an anti-virus, and want the, say, firewall and V-Engine only? There should be an option to select whatever you want. Like what OpenOffice.org does.

Quwen said what i was trying to get at (-:

Including the choice of no security center. To be sure before i vote yes.

Voters are able to change their choice, Someone. Re: First post.

OK, i like the idea. One install for everyone that carries everything.
But i want the option, for me at least (i see others too), to only install one by one, and manage them separately.
Having choice is fine by me. (thumb icon- missing in this forum :))

The idea for a basic installer was to offer a lower-sized package for those without flatrate and/or broadband. I must admit that I was unaware of the OpenOffice variant. Selecting single components and downloading one installer for those would indeed be the perfect choice. Although it is possibly not too easy to establish such a system.

Ok, now how do i put it in the text?

Its a difficult question in some ways. For a lot of ‘Novice’ users a one click install for AV, AS, Firewall etc. will be a god send. For users with any interest in security, and the numbers are increasing, a combined suite will be less than desirable.

Comodo make some great products, but I wonder if it has the ability to be all things to all people, in terms of security. I am sure, whatever products you decide to make, assuming they follow in the footsteps of the firewall, will be great. But for me, I want best of breed in all areas.

If you decide to go ahead and make a suite, please, please, don’t make it inclusive. Allow a user to install whichever components they desire, and don’t impose some sort of unified interface.


Amazing! I didn’t expect the votes to be this close to a tie, so I removed the time limit ;D