POLL: Choose 5 Forum Enhancements (Voting closed)

Hallo, I provided some description and links where needed…

Poll Rules:

  • You can change your vote anytime.
  • Results are showed after someone has voted.
  • Voting closes: 18 June 2007, 20:54:32

Poll Options:

  • Tagging System For Topics NOW ADDED
    A tagging system for SMF
    Tag Cloud
    Tagging of Topics
    Thread owner can add and remove tags to the topic.
    Tag Admins can tag topics and remove tags.
    Clicking a tag returns a list of tagged topics that have that tag.
    Recent tagged topics on tag cloud page.

  • Topic Ratings
    This mod allows users to rate topics (1 to 5 stars).

  • Topic Description
    This mod will add a Description field to the topics. When posting
    a new topic you will be supplied with an extra field to insert your
    short description of the topic. Maximum of 200 characters.

  • Topic Solved Mod
    This MOD allows you to select boards as “topic solved” boards.
    These boards will allow the topic starter to ask questions and
    accept/reject answers to them. This is most useful on support
    boards. All “solved” topics will be marked in the message
    index with the “solved” topic icon.

  • Updated smiley set
    A smiley set you can look at without using a magnifying glass.
    A royalty free smiley set is provided by Qicons or big-boards
    (If you know another royalty free smiley set please post)

  • Enable BBcode Toolbars in Modify inline textboxes ALREADY THERE :stuck_out_tongue:
    Editing a previously posted message is easier using the Modify button
    near the Quote button. This button enables the editing BBcode toolbar
    The modify inline button
    at the bottom end of the post provide
    a quick way to edit your post but has no BBcode toolbar

  • Click and go search examples
    Search page could be made more user friendly adding a list
    of frequently used search examples

  • Top searched topics
    Look at top searched topics to know about issues maybe
    you never heard of

  • Remove the Censoring *** engine NOW FIXED
    This forum had a greedy censor engine. You weren’t able to write words like
    par.ser, ars.enal (without the dot) ALSO in URLs.

  • Other
    Post to add your suggestions:
    Look for other forum enhancements at SMF MODS

  • Show & hide specific parts of a post
    Show & hide specific parts of a post that are off-topic just
    by a click of a special button in the post - This should be
    a modified version of Spoiler tag Mod The only thing needed is
    to invert CSS display fields

  • Watched Topics
    Dinamically generated forum section which is different for every user
    and is filled with topics the user choosed to watch.It’s very similar to
    bookmarks, but with the forum listing benefits - you can also see
    the date of the last post and so on.

  • [nobbc][move][/nobbc] BBcode direction attribute to scroll text from left to right…
    The [nobbc][move][/nobbc] bbcode use the non standard html marquee tag
    which is a workaround until CSS3 will be fully supported.
    The marquee tag direction attribute supports LEFT or RIGHT or
    UP or DOWN values. So it would be possible to get lef to right
    scrolling (and others direction too…). But a bbcode pa**er
    change is needed.

  • Shoutbox
    A shoutbox, saybox, tagboard, or chatterbox is a chat-like feature
    of some websites that allows people to quickly leave messages on
    the website.


Thank you for taking part in this poll :slight_smile:


Well i’d like to vote for more Cow Bell , but i didn’t see it in the list… (:LGH)

Cow Bell? Remove the censorship? Do you really want those? moooo… The censor is what saves us a bit of work >:(.

I’d post some screenshots of the other forum theme that we mods and admins currently use, but I don’t know if I’m authorized yet 88)

I added Remove the Censoring *** engine later, as I found that an URL was censored too. I’m new to this forum yet I found only cases where the censoring engine was not working properly. I was a bit overreactive but all the post I’ve read haven’t any gross words…

Here it is an example:

I’m evaluating a companion product that provide an interesting feature coupled with comodo firewall. It’s a logpa.rser. I’m testing it using the Textline input mode but I’m no SQL expert and I’m having a tough time to figure it out…

It would help a xml log in comodo but meantime learning SQL is a nice way to spend time…

Anyone wishing to give a try to SQL queries for comodo logs can download Visual Logpa.rser

PS: Oh ■■■■ I really hate the censoring engine of SMF forum… (:AGY)
The URLs are censoder too (this is getting ridiculous…)

Remove the dot (.) in the word logpar.ser and mind to write words like assumption this way: ***umption (let’s help the censoring engine ;D)


The censor’s not broken; it does what it’s programmed to do. Being as I think it was first set up by UK users, the slang/derogatory term for a person’s backside is listed. However, the US version of the same thing is not. I’ve changed that though, so now you may not be able to make “■■■.umptions” :wink:

There is an option in there for whole words only. It was not enabled, so I enabled it. Perhaps that way you can see par.ser but not ar.se. If you like, we can have some fun with it, though… Instead of “***” for the censor, we can input replacement letters. So we could make the"objectionable" words say something else entirely. What say you? ;D


LM, Thanks for that. This should work. It would be nice to replace censored terms, but inputting the oxford dictionary definition of a censored word is an inhuman job ;D

BTW Comodo has **Clean how will we handle that? :wink:

I feel sad we have to censor Melih too :-X

PS: The correct word sould be Diaper or Toilet Paper but I don’t think it would be a wise marketing decision ;D

I think you’ve missed my point , i was joking… http://webfeedcentral.com/2005/01/21/more-cowbell-video/

Ok. Now I understand the true meaning of Cow Bell :). From Jan 2005 to April 2007, the comments are on-going. That’s a popular clip!

Gibran, I don’t know if this is already included in your list, but I like the ability to show & hide specific parts of a post that are off-topic just by a click of a special button in the post.

This forum in an invaluable resource for authentic security guidance; don’t know how to thank you for it.
Just an idea: notify through mail is very helpful, but a “Watched Topics” section can be useful and each user can benefit from it; moreover when mods’ remark that a “Watched Topic” in on 50 users’ list – that can be a sign that the topic needs more highlight. Maybe such enhancement exists - and I don’t know to use it. Sorry for my English.

That would be a nice addition.
I am trying to connect to simplemachines to look for a mod that could match that.
I don’t know if it is there but a Spoiler mod work in a similiar way but it defaults to hide.

So none will laugh at my outstanding jokes :cry:

Like that. I’d like to “watch” topics without posting, sometimes.


simplemachines.org is having problems ATM I could look for a mod like that later, but we could gain the same functions with Topic Ratings and the Notify button. I have to check if top rated topic are automatically put on top.

Would you like it this way?

BTW: The top voted ehancement has got only 5 votes :cry:
Any suggestions? Nobody is reading this thread.
I made 240 reads out of 270…

They are in the new (yet to be “current”) version that the Mods and Admins have. :wink: It’s a bit more functional (and pretty, too!)


Hey that’s unfair!!!

I have to use glasses to see smiley too…

I wasn’t able to find a matching mod.
I will create an item in the poll. but I need to understand this function.

Is it a dinamically generated forum section which is different for every user and is filled with topics the user choosed to watch?

Hi gibran, thanks for giving a try; it’s very similar to bookmarks, but with the forum listing benefits - you can also see the date of the last post and so on.
First I couldn’t remember where I’ve seen this, but then it came back:
they have this feature.

You understood it perfectly.

Have individual post links on each post for easier reference/referral.

~cat~, I “moved” your topic here because it seems to be the best place for this. Unfortunately, the parent board name How can you help Comodo? (Please we do need you!) is misleading because the child board that your topic was originally in Comodo website issues for submitting website problems only is for actually for reporting errors only.