Poll: Best Instant Messenger with Audio & Video

I’m trying to look for an alternative to Yahoo Messenger, while still retaining the a\v capabilities and is compatible with Yahoo networks. What’s your choice?


Personally I use Miranda, but I’m not sure if there is a plug-in for A/V yet.

I know Gaim is going to support A/V in version 3, but that’s not out yet.

From those listed above, I’d have to go with Trillian.


If Miranda did have such plug-in and yahoo support, I would be using it right now. :slight_smile:

Trillian or Gaim. I’ve used Gaim, but i don’t know much. Always check Gizmo for programs :):

Hmm…I don’t know. The same site rates CFP as 2nd place. Maybe that’s why you’re still using Kerio :P.

I’ve read that Trillian Astra despite being at alpha stage is better than current stable versions .

If performance rather than ease-of-use is your criterion then the Comodo firewall [2] is the top contender.
Believe me, he thinks high of Comodo. I first heard of Comodo from his site! Also, even when he ranks programs, he explains why he thinks A is better than B, and sumarizes the differences. You can get a clear picture of what to expect. I've chosen programs that are not his favourites, but based on his description alone.

You just have to check if it’s current or not. It could be that his opinion is different when updating categories.

I use Miranda with Yahoo…

Then Miranda is a choice too ;D

No it isn’t. It doesn’t have audio video. When it does I’ll update the poll choices.

wait till Google develop a fully featured IM. So far for text only chatting Google Talk is the best for me.
Nice simple interface and it’s not bulky unlike yahoo. And for Live messenger connection problems for me all the time!

I wonder which one will develop a-v first, Google Talk or Miranda. (:LOV)

I don’t think Google will pace up. But as always they’ll give a good product as they have done all this time. google products are simple lightweight yet simply great… I don’t mind if i have to wait some time for a good product

But i heard some news saying that Google might not give some of these products forever (mail for instance…) Will have to wait and see…