Poll: Alert Frequency Level

Just curious as to which “alert frequency level” settings you guys/girls are using.

I’m using “Very High”. I prefer the detail this gives per rule.



I use the default recommended setting, maybe I should put it to very high though.

I set it to very high, I will see which one I prefer, and keep it that way.

LOL. That’s funny, as I was thinking of using the default setup ;D. I’ll probably save myself alot of work using this setup. Wanted to get an idea what the norm was.


Hey you two, Just use medium and call it even. (:WIN)

Will do :wink:

I keep mine on low very low & I only set it to high if I suspect something is wrong or when I’m installing a new bit of software (I like to know exactly what it’s trying to do).

I use default, since i have passed all leaktests and so on… :wink:
I don’t get more popups than nessesary… ::slight_smile:

I use Very Low with Do not show alerts for the certified applications ON :slight_smile:

Namely, Install and forget mode:)

But won’t that make you vulnerable to internal threats?

Nope. As long as leak detection is active, there is no need to approve a known application or an aplication for a couple of times. Alert frequency is about how many alerts you want to see. I only want to see 1 alert: Connection to the Internet allowed or not. If it is safe i.e not virus or not manipulated by a virus, i dont even want to see an alert.

If there are risks, CPF will already raise an alert.



By “leak detection” do mean Application Behaviour Analysis?

Yes behavior analysis. Even COM monitor can be disabled if we be careful about what we download from the Internet.

That’s genius, thanks Egemen.

Wow amazing, this firewall is great!

I’ll second that. I think I might put CPF to very low like egemen as I don’t need to be alerted about everything and know CPF will alert if something is wrong.

CPF keeps getting better and better. Genius. (:KWL)


I was using the default, but I will try the Very Low… :slight_smile:

I have been talked into trying out “Very Low” also.

Don’t forget to change your votes (Remove Vote). :slight_smile:

Hehe, this thread is funny. Once a staff member posts his setting all the rest fall in behind like happy little ducklings following mama duck to a pond unaware that the hungry gators lounging in the weeds by the bank.

I’m just joking with you guys. It’s just once I read the whole thread that scenario popped in my mind. (:WIN) (:KWL)

I’m at default settings but might try very low. (:WIN)