Polish language

Hi! I’m from Poland and usually i use Comodo Dragon, but today i read about Comodo IceDragon. I downloaded and installed, but when run IceDragon i noticed that in settings i can’t change language to polish. I learn english in highschool, so i understand all, but in Poland english is… Only over a dozen per cent people in Poland could use a english language.
I want make translate pack from english to polish, but i cant i never used FireFox so i don’t know what i can do.
can someone tell me how translate IceDragon?

Greetings from Poland

You can use the polish xpi file for IceDragn 8)

1.Download the file and unrar it.

  1. Install ist

3.After you have installed it, you must change the following settings:

type in the adress bar

about: config

than search for:


and change:

en-US to pl-PL

4.Restart IceDragon and have fun.

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I had same problem because there’s an option to change CID’s language but it doesn’t make any effect even after installing the language plugin and restarting the browser, that’s totally creepy :o