Police helmets in school buses

Well, do you think they should have helmets, air horns, seatbelts, sirens, ect.

public or school buses? (:LGH)

School buses. (:WIN)

they need guns & kevlar jacket, oh and pepper spray for police woman (:TNG)

They need “Dragon Skin” armor ,MP5’ves and paralysing gas ;D

if you mean school buses, then yes, the drivers need all the protection they can get. Me, I’d give 'em tazers.

were the students on your bus THAT bad? (:LGH)

No. I think he was just playing too many RPG’s in his mind.

Yes, I was :slight_smile:

All kids should be assumed bad and wear straightjackets unless on the whitellist.

here here

??? weird question…

But to answer : I think tasers should be enough.


Have the students walk to school, problem solved ^^ ^^ :slight_smile:
Xman (:KWL)