Poker application requesting access to DNS/RPC Client Service

Hello everyone - I have been using this poker software (Full Tilt Poker) for quite some time, and this is the first time I have seen this warning when I try to execute the program. I am not the most technically savvy person out there, so could someone explain to me what this means? Why is this program trying to access this resource? What is this DNS/RPC client service, exactly?

Here’s the screenshot.

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In the meantime, I decided that treating this program as an “isolated application” is the safest bet. Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot for your help everyone! O0

DNS is used to lookup a hostnames IP address for example, resolves to the IP address of when you use your web browser to connect to different websites, the web browser needs to know the IP address of the site you are trying to connect to. So it uses the DNS service to find out this information, in your case of full tilt poker it is looking up the IP address for different things such as the update server, lobby center, etc. These DNS lookups are then stored in what is called a DNS resolver cache, which stores DNS entries for different hosts, that way when you need to connect again to these hosts, you dont need to re-ask for the information it can be retrieved from the cache. After awhile the cache entries expire and need to be updated again with new information if for instance the IP address for a given host has been changed.

Long explaination short, you can safely allow this request in the future and as the alert asks if it is one of your everyday applications, it is. Also when you treated it as an isolated application, did you have remember my answer selected? If you did then you wont be able to lauch the game anymore until you remove the entry from the defence+ policy, which can be found under Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy. Otherwise you can relaunch the application and click allow if you see that alert again.