Pointless reg queries, performance hit?


Take a look at this picture please:

In the time span of about two minutes, it captured about 20 000 reg queries. (Process Monitor)

Many of them (about 10-20 per second) are to a key called “RemoteManagement” that doesn’t even exist.
This is seems like really odd behaviour to me. Why does your program need to query that key so often? To what end?

It’s also querying a few other keys really fast, keys that appear to be static. For example the ‘Mode’ key has been set to 0x02 for atleast 24 hours.

I would love to hear more about why it feels like querying these reg keys 10+ times per second. I can’t help but think that it’s an performance hit.

Thank you

this and https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis/defense-disabled-but-not-really-t84896.0.html

made me uninstall
i was looking for a firewall only and this does not seem to be it!
will try again once comodo 6 is released, we’ll see

I am not programmer of developer so as such I cannot comment on what are normal amounts of registry queries by a program.

But taking it from a practical perspective CFP without the AV is a lightweigth program which does have little influence on performance . Do you see CFP make a big impact on your computer’s performance?

CIS is cloud based so do expect some steps to take to disable that. But once that is done be a happy user of firewall only unless suspiciousness is a main motivator for your decisions of course.

Check if you have geekbuddy installed…
If so and you dont want it you can remove it.
You dont really have to worry about the registry as there are several reasons for an anti virus to access your registry.