pogo issues with v3 in firefox only

I’m having trouble with Comodo firewall blocking tables to load in High Stakes Pool recently. I know it’s Comodo because I’ve shut down the firewall & everything works great. The funny thing is that pogo works fine in IE when CFP is active & they both have the same settings. I’ve even tried adding the rules mention in other topics. I also tried uninstalling & re-installing CFP. Some how something got changed & I can’t figure out what. I’m not that familiar with firewall settings enough to be able to troubleshoot. Any suggestions?

So far, I’ve been using IE when I want to play on Pogo, but I would really like to get Firefox working again.

I used the Standard installation, another thought I had was maybe I need to change a rule that might have gotten changed somehow. I don’t know if there’s a big difference in the 2 installations, but if someone could tell me how to check the rules to make sure a process wasn’t denied. Initially, windows came up the 1st time & I allowed everything, so I don’t know why they would be changed.