If you ever wrote some poem(s), feel free to post it/them HERE.

Even if you didn’t write a poem, feel free to post a poem of your very choice here, (only) if you think it’s a good one.





A ■■■■ now?

My simple rhyme:
Now, who takes time?

The Burning Soul
We are brought into a world where we are to function
Trying our best to keep ourselves afloat
With different degrees of instruction
As well as the responsibilities, we must tote

We work well with some, and others we avoid
The time we put in, we hope for good results
Never wanting our labor to be destroyed
Especially by some big corporate impulse

Then we begin to wonder and ask, how and why
Especially when we go back several generations
Our families, they would labor and then they’d die
Believing that this was their final destinations
I just don’t see the reason for the worker’s to bear the loss
Can’t you see the terrible pain and the lasting toll?
All to please some manager’s big boss
this, this is what creates the burning soul
by cgpmaster (jacob)

How about a German Weissbier, I like Weihenstephaner. :■■■■

Maybe I’ll post some song text I wrote a few years ago… have played the piano and the guitar. Not very much though.


T’was once a count by name of Löwenadler
Had thirty maids, but just one butler;
Ruled at his house like Heracles did
though never really got (by them, at least) infested.

T’was once one rebel who still dared
to do some kind of things til then unheard,
morphos, the god of sleep, loved to get drunk
that’s why some ignorants just held him for a punk.

T’was once a kingdom, they called Comodow,
Ruled by an integre, if pompous, king, and so
he was indeed enabled to donate
three versions of a wall against the fire, for free, dear mate!

But now those times of beauty are long gone
Betrayed we were by all those rays of sun
An evil man called Norton bought them all.
Soon will come winter. Still it’s fall.

An evil man called Norton bought them all.
Soon will come winter. Still it’s fall.

and when the going gets tough
great people party ;D
(garfiend 2)


Hi ganda, my friend!

There once was an old fishers rhyme:
How many vir’ses, eels 'n worms
you catched tonight, or, since last time?
or none? Maybe the evil storms
caused by Avira did that “crime”
and saved you from all fiendish harms?

by the way
to all
Have no
as long as

(as tradition goes
this rhyme
was not my crime
but done by the three musketeers…)

:smiley: nice (:CLP)
add a lil music & rhyme, we get Rap music

I have written one but i dont think its good.


There is something that bonds me to her
Dont know what
Is it her innocence that makes me stand still
Is it her smile that makes me smile
Is it her beauty that sends me to dreams
Is it her eyes that shines at me
There is something that bonds me to her
Dont know what

Is it her voice That makes me feel better
Is it her honesty that makes me think of her
Is it her face that makes my day wonderful

I thought I could tell her
what I feel about her
But time,
Time have changed it all
She is gone from the world
But for me
she is always in my heart
Forever n forever…
There is still something that bonds me to her
Dont know what…

uuhhh, yeah, read this ;D

[i]guess now it’s time for me to give up, I feel it’s time
Got a picture of you beside me
Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup
Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dreams
Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now

Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn’t mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I’m wrong just tell me the song and I’ll sing it
You’ll be right and understood

Unaware but underlined I figured out the story
It wasn’t good
But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory
But that was not to be
In the twist of separation you excelled at being free
Can’t you find a little room inside for me

And we’ll be together, this time is forever
We’ll be fighting and forever we will be
So complete in our love
We will never be uncovered again[/i]

ganda, that one sounded really harsh…


maybe he was really hurt, and then your lines…maybe he will kill himself…because of …

I am a simple man,
who thinks he simply can
drink his ■■■■
behind the deer.

The deer is a fine animal,
for all beerdrinkers hide it shall
my grammar is not full of beauty
I know, but it still serves it’s duty…

what!? pls don’t. i’m sorry. i’ll delete it.
ow, and the poem i posted, is actually a song lyric ;D

and can you explain why would we drink a ■■■■ behind a deer ;D it’s risky :smiley: (kidding, no offense)

First of all
The song is not a personal experience though at some point it is true. (:WIN)
The song is just an imaginary one though not fully.
So you know… :■■■■

just to make sure…
you’re not going to kill your self,are you? ;D, i felt guilty and now you bring ■■■■ :smiley:

Here goes another
I dont know whether it is good

The life we live,
May be the last
To love the people,
who care about you
To feel the heart of ones,
You love
To help the ones in need of,
To break every curses of life.
The life we live
May be the last
To do something,
changes the world
To live for others
Die for them

arjunpa, this was a fine one.

Here’s another:

Long times ago, somewhere in time and space
There came to life something, self-declared human race.
And once it was thus born it then demanded
to be made ruler o’er all beings that were handed
o’er to them, by their great god, whom they with fiendish mind
had just created for being able to kill all kind
of animals running around on earth, old mother.
And did not bother.

Now more than half the people’s worth
on earth
Is being treated by the other half like cattle
but still, there is no real chance for battle…

Moloch and Mammon won the war against my rhyme.
May enslaved mankind rest in festering slime…

The god of former heaven is no more.
Dead Water gives it’s kisses to the toxic shore.
Dead trees are staring at a barren soil.
The last fight soon will start. It’ll be: for oil.

Intelligence is gone.
And death has won.
Gone is the beauty of this planet.

This poem has not been written to insult Janet.

It was a great poem.
And what u expressed through ur poem is right.

and the fight for oil will begin soon

Glad you liked my little piece, though I’m very sorry for my bad and naive handling of your Anglo-Saxon tongue.

This is probably because my ancestors were neither Angles, nor Saxons, nor Jutes,
but Franconians, Bajuvarians, Sudetes and Hamburgers. (Not the ones they sell at Mc’s,
I sincerely hope…)

Cheers arjunpa :slight_smile:

The Dream world of My Dreams

That world I saw in my dreams,
Though never came true.
That world where everyone would love to live.
That world where Religion never existed.
That world where difference never,
Separated us,
That world world where peace prevailed
And war never rose
That world I saw in my dreams,
Though never came true.

That world where love found a place
In every heart
That world where crime has no place
And justice Prevailed
That world where Fear never disturbed us
That world I saw in my dreams,
Though never came true.

Oh wow, there are actually poets among us. Morph, ganda… just wow. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said coding is like poetry. XD! Are any of you programmers by chance also? o.=.o;

Ladies and non-ladies(aka gentlemen) the time has come for me to make(more) a fool of myself(than I did by confessing the toilet incident). What you are hopefully never going about to read are tiny scraps of text I blurted out of boredom. They are unrelated.

We shared you knowledge old as fate,
But you destroyed us all with hate.
We’ll rise again as it’s foretold
With roars of thunder, blaze, and cold
To silence you forever. Gone.
To nothingness, where you belong.

As centuries have come and gone
My light has shone from dusk do dawn.
But man’s eyes seek the light of fame
And treat my guidance with disdain.
Forgotten in the time and mist
Will my spirit cease to exist?

We watched the Universe become,
As time and space took birth from none.
From spiraling worlds and seas of gas,
To crushing pits of endless mass.
And we can see beyond its end.
But you’re too young to comprehend…

The Gods of Old speak to my mind,
To free themselves my heart they blind.
To make the world my own I willed,
Thus I’ve betrayed and hurt and killed…
As The Destroyer I’m reborn.
Trapped in the taint, I cry and mourn…

I chase a Dream long way from home.
I’m worn by Time and walk alone.
So long as Life burns through these veins
I’ll seek the Magic’s dim remains.
When my sun sets beneath Earth’s shade
And darkness falls, what will I’ve gained?

And in this dance of mist and doubt
Two entities begin their battle.

A spirit lost in age and mind,
A demon’s soul akin to horror;
The first will perish into time,
Through burning ire shalt thrive the other.

Insidious fire pumped by the heart
In lieu of blood but same in color,
The brimful powers tare apart
A hollow shell with long-lost valor.

The lores I wield created thee,
The words would burn your throats with power.
Your petty lives mean nil to me;
Hide when you hear my name and cower!
(hence my signature)

Great Guardian, I beckon thee!
The world you watched, these fools now prey on.
Thy wrath unleash, thy old ways be
Rise and eclipse the sun, oh Great One!

The following text is a complete poem that I wrote while being involved in a certain drama fest with a certain person. I’m still not completly over it. In fact, it even pushed me to do art.

It reeks of sadness and of pain
This tortured wound I once called spirit
A Dragon’s soul shot down and slain
No miracle could ever heal it.

I struck mad at my friends of old
Appeased to see them bruised and battered
I did not care what I was told–
My agony was all that matterd.

Revels in hate and love today
This burning Heart consumes its essence
And thoughts of madness take away
My crumbled mind when in her presence.

I walk the Mountain numb and torn.
The irony does not escape me:
Some icy Hearts can beat so warm
Some burning Hearts can beat so coldly.

Read, comment, laugh, tilt your heads, ■■■■, or implode and suck everyone into a gravitational singularity, I don’t care. :smiley: