PNG thumbnails

I would like to know why the forum is creating 24-bit PNG thumbnails that are ofter bigger in file size than the actual image! (:AGY)
While PNG is great for most screenshots, is not well suited for thumbnails as text over a single color/grandient becomes a bunch of different grey pixel that are harder to compress. As a thumbnail usually doesn’t need 16 millons colors and lossless compression, a 8-bit (256 colors) PNG or a JPG with moderated compression may be better.

If this is not the correct forum please move the thread.

I just attached a screenshot with a size of 2790 bytes. The forum created a thumbnail with a size of 12765 bytes. The thumbnail took 4.5 times more bandwitch than the actual image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You’re right. I never noticed :o. Doesn’t make sense.