Plzz solve this

This is an old prob. Whenever CIS is upgraded the deleted scheduled scans appears again, this shouldn’t happen?

And now with program upgrade the new private network connection window appears again even when the option automatic found new connection was already unchecked along with the TC options.

Plzz solve this 2 prob. Its kind of irritating.

Hi Naren,
I don’t really find it irritating, but I do agree the above user settings should remain as they were prior to an update.
You could add a poll if so desired, to keep user settings during an update yes/no?

Mostly all settings remain intact. Only these 2 are changed. So I guess poll is not required, right?

Yes, I agree with the op. They should only be at a fresh install and not after updating.


If you added files to the Windows System Applications file-group (not the Treat As rules, the group) they are removed too. I guess for other built-in groups it could be the same.

I meant of all the settings not rules. I dont know about rules.