plz help with installing comodo

firstly i havent been to the site for a while, and i think i dont have the current version even though i tried the ‘check for updates’ on my comodo,and theres no updates available, but i still dont think i have the latest cuz i cant seem to find how to do a scan with the one i have so im assuming, i dont because i cant seem to find how to do a scan. i went here
and i cant find any ‘antivirus’ option on here. this is what i have:

Comodo Firewall Pro 3.5.57173.439

Q1. if i dont have the latest, can i just install the latest download available as is, (on top of what i already have) or do i need to uninstall the comodo i already have, then install whats available on the site?

Q2. if i have the latest version then how do i do a scan of my computer, (not an online scan).

p.s. i think this question should be added in here
assuming this isnt a completely ideotic question that no one seem to have any trouble with but me… ???

Hello PRprince Welcome to the forums buddy :slight_smile:
When I get the time I will make a detailed step-by-step guide on the installation of CIS and thank you for pointing this out. (I’m busy for the next couple of nights with the girlfriend and new years) Hopefully I can squeeze in some time between those.

Answers to your Q’
You have Comodo Firewall Pro, To use the antivirus you must download Comodo Internet Security. (It’s free with no limitations)

To scan with CAVS you should click on; Comodo → Antivirus → Scan Computer.
Hope this helps! if you have any further questions than please let us know :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year! :■■■■

do i have to uninstall the firewall pro to install internet security? or can i just install internet security right off the bat?


Just go to Add/Remove Programs and run the Uninstaller but ADD ‘Comodo Antivirus’ and after a reboot you will see CIS there.