Plz help me about my open ports

Hello , i use comodo firewall in my pc . I will give you my port scan test . How can i make my pc more secure ?

Hi. Set the port-scan amount lower. Example: If you choose 20, than Comodo will alert by 20 scanned ports.

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Are you connecting to the internet through a router (or a modem that may have router-like functions)?


Yea i use 4 ports modem . I think it have a firewall in the modem but i dont know how to set it so maybe my ports are not ‘’ stealth ‘’ because i didnt activate my modem firewall .

Here you can see my firewall settings . What should i do to have best settings without having problem in the internet ? ???

I wonder why Comodo Firewall does not hide my ports ? I think it should be it’s duty . I made another port scan test with Windows Firewall and it stealthed 3 more ports than Comodo PF. ! I can’t believe that ! There are people say that Comodo PF is very good but i don’t see its good side anymore . Maybe it’s time to try other softwares .

ilkerol, the reason I asked about your modem is to see if it has router capabilities. According to the screenshots you posted, it does. This is very important because this means that when you do the online tests, you are not testing CFP… you are testing the router. This is because this is the end-point of your connection to the internet. So the ports that are reported to be open relate to the router, not your computer (or your computer’s firewall).

I don’t know the specifics of your router, but you will want to configure it such that it’s not allowing any pass-through, UPnP, port-forwarding, etc. You’ll have to research your specific router to see what each setting or function does, to learn how to best configure it. You’ll know you have it right when you can still connect to the internet, but the online tests show you as fully stealthed…