Plugin Feature

Comodo could have a feature to support plugins?

Like that dedicated users who are very good at programing could make a plugin each for Comodo? so features that Comodo leave out well a open source plugin could do?

Like Outpost?

For example a pop up blocker and users submit bad sites and pop up to the plugin developer for updates.

Also we could have a super stealth plugin.

A dedicated Spyware blocker plugin etc…

Also a feature for Comodo plugins to have daily updates of bad ip addresses application rules bad web content etc…

The plugins could be used for extra protection. If someone wants extra features well they could download the plugin?

Anyone thinks this is a good diea for Comodo to support plugins?

I had already asked this feature myself 6 months ago. :wink:
Go ahead and put it in the wishlist.


There is such a long ‘queue’ for wishes, and not all are for everyone’s interest.
With a plugin thing, some people can have a ‘skinable interface’ (what a wonderful improvement
! every single firewall in the world should have one!), while other people can have a "more advanced rules editor’ plugin, or plugins for protocols like ARP, and so…



Yes, it’s a good idea, put it in the wishlist, as pandlouk said :slight_smile:

just did ;D

Hopefully soon it would be supported. doubt it though (:LGH)

Well…stay alive…and you will see what happen in the future :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is bad idea (:HUG)

Greetz, Red.

I don’t like the idea of plugins one bit. It’s like having an “official” backdoor and you can bet on it that it will be exploited in some ways.

Keep CPF clean, simple and straightforward. 8)

I see your point on this. If there were an option to allow plugins or not during install, this could solve this issue as well. Pandlouk has been on the prowl with this issue and is already making lists, etc…

Don’t forget, while it’s all fine and well to discuss it , we don’t know what the CFP team will think or do about this. They may find it a bad idea, good idea, or laugh at us puny mortals. :smiley: :o Either way, this is simply only in discussion between users and mods and nothing has been actually said by Melih, Paulo or others that have the “say” in this. :wink:


No worries Paul, I may be a CPF newbie, still I realized that the issue is only being discussed on the forum. :wink:

In spite of that, it seemed useful to share with the forum members that there could be risks involved. In my view safety and reliability - especially in a firewall - are more important than bells and whistles.

Just my puny mortal $0.02…(:NRD)

Yes, all views are welcome and important, yet another good point, hey, you’re 2-0! lol. In all honesty, I knew what you meant but was stating what I did just so everyone knew this wasn’t a definate yet. :wink: I should have posted that separate from your reply, my apologies. (:AGL)

I know what you mean and I was even against implementing hips into CPF but came to my senses. I think the idea of plugins is meant for what you stated specifically, this way we get security and bells and whistles “IF” we choose to have them. I think that would work for all since even I am against a bloated security and would like it to be options, not embedded.

What , you didn’t know Melih was an alien and Paulo is actually He-man? Tsk…puny mortal! You didn’t know they had a SMITE key on their keyboards did you?


Comodo be warned: Shifter is in a darn good mood tonight! ;D

Thank you for acknowledging the importance of different views. For the record, I don’t mind implementation of useful features, like HIPS, but it gives me a more secure feeling knowing that a firewall is kept closed to outside influences as much as possible.

Plugins not only can create a bigger chance of conflicts, it also opens the door for a program to become bloatware. And we all know where that leads to…

In short, if CPF decides to implement plugins I hope they will give users the opportunity to lock that “hole” in CPF when they don’t want to use them.

Gee, I wish I had known about those notorious SMITE keys and that He-man roams this forum before signing up…

Now you’ve got me scared dude! ???

I could not agree more with you. But I think that the answer #3,6216.msg45889.html#msg45889 covers it. Am I wrong?

Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read and you are probably right that answer 3 will be the chosen one, if any. At least I can live with that. :slight_smile:

Luckily I don’t have much need for an add blocker. Proxomitron, with the Grypen set, keeps that well covered. Great little program as you well know. (:CLP)


This would have made the backup script of the Comodo Firewall settings great.

I have no experiance in creating plug-ins for programs but this is something i would like to get my teeth into and what better software to write them for but the Comodo Firewall (-: .

MODIFIED BECAUSE: I forgot the “f” in “for”, yes i can spell but i think this hot weather is getting to me, or maybe the lack of water… (:TNG)

Rotty, a bloody good idea chap! (:CLP)