Plug-ins not working....

Hi. I’m a new Comodo Dragon user (long-timer CIS user). I’ve installed 12.1 and it is having trouble with both Flash and Java.

Both work just fine with Chrome on the exact same websites.

For instance when accessing , I get the following error "the following plug-ins have become unresponsive: Java Platform SE 6 U26.

In terms of Flash, I get an “out of date” error, but I don’t with Chrome, and I thought that like Chrome, Dragon automatically updated Flash. I actually tried to manually update Flash, and the update craps out at about 50% and won’t update.

Is it normal for Dragon to not run in a similar manner to Chrome? What’s up?

Chrome has Flash Player built in, currently Comodo Dragon does not.
While running DragonYou can click on a video requiring Flash and it will direct you to the correct download, or when you go to the Adobe download site choose the Flash Plug in for Windows not the file.

Not sure about Java again while running Dragon type in update Java.