Any Plone users at this forum? I’ve recently started to build a website for my work organization, using Plone and Zope. At this time I’ve done most things in Zope - set up a default Plone site and tweaked it a bit with skinning (CSS mostly). After the final tweaking I’ll use Plone to make sure that the web content works nice and is easy to manage for other users, and then I’m hoping to publish the site. I don’t expect it to happen until September though, maybe.

I do have some very basic Plone and Zope knowledge thanks to a course and a book. My impression is, despite quite many hours of browsing in the ZMI, that it’s a very complex system. I have not found it easy to make the tweaks I’ve done this far. Sure, I did them much faster than expected, but I found some good examples and I was probably lucky. Many things in Plone are great, some are really not great.

Anyway, being relatively new to all this, I find it very pleasing to see the website taking shape. After just four days from the very start (creation of a default Plone site to start out with) it roughly looks like I wanted from the start (and it looks the same in IE, FF and Opera ;)).

I have never had any success of designing…though I am a visual person, I can’t seem to be able to “form” creative visual ideas too well (that is why I wasn’t much help in the CIS GUI board…).

Then Plone might actually be for you, if you would create a website. You just install the software (it brings server functionality to your PC), browse to your localhost - port 8080 - in Opera (;D), log in to the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) and create a default Plone site with two clicks. Then the fun (88)) begins. The site will be well structured out of the box, but there is a threshold to overcome before you can make the changes you desire.

Is anybody using The Comodo TrustLogo™ with plone?

How did you make it work?

You mean the logo in the bottom right of this forum (and many other pages)? I have no idea, as I don’t know how the logo works. But if you could get the code, I guess it would be possible to put it in a Plone template which you include somewhere. Don’t know how to make it stay in the corner independent of the scrolling though…

I’ve done a lot of CSS lately in Plone, but I have not yet learned too well how to handle templates.