Pleezzze help! Think I locked myself out of my computer.

I am running XP and recently installed Comodo Firewall. I am using Network Defense and Proactive Defense +. I was “exploring” the icon in the system tray when I clicked on SOMETHING and the next thing I knew, I was/am locked out of EVERYTHING. I cannot shut down from the START menu because I am not authorized to take that action. I have to use the power button.

When I start my computer again, I get to the Welcome screen. When I click on my user icon, I am told I am not authorized to do that. I cannot use my other computer on the same home network, as my primary computer seems to be locked away from network access. My other computer doesn’t see the primary.

I HAVE searched several times, but I guess I don’t know what to look for.

Any help you can give would be sooooo appreciated.

Try uninstall comodo in safe mode
before windows start press F8

Ok. Will start that process.

(:AGL) omg, omg, omg! No difficulties here. Now, do I just reinstall? Do you have any idea what I did wrong, so I will not repeat that mistake? Do you think it was related to the icon in the sys tray? How about fiddling with the configuration settings there?

Thank you very much. I’ve reinstalled. Wish I knew how I ■■■■■■■ it up though.

Hello, Without infomation it’s pretty hard to know exactly what the cause was… it could be a hundred things.

This isn’t something that’s common, Is it possible that another security application could causing conflicts?

Hey Jill,

As far as I can see, the worst you could do by fiddling with the CIS system tray menu would be setting the Defense+ to “Paranoid” and the firewall to “Block All”.

Setting Defense+ to Paranoid wouldn’t lock you out. It would produce a lot more alerts with a lot more detail in each.

Setting the firewall to “Block All” would prevent EVERYTHING using the internet (or LAN) but wouldn’t prevent all applications from running. Similarly, “Block All” wouldn’t prevent you logging in, either.

I don’t know what you did, but you did it well. :wink:


The only thing I can think of is that he blocked a system process which would cause the lockup :slight_smile:


:frowning: >:(Reloaded software. Told it to scan. Went to bed b/c there are tons of files. Went to by the Palm Pre ;D, returned to the stupid MS. Message saying COMODO had to close unexpectedly. Now I have no access to the net. Typing this on a phone is less than fun. Will sleep now and return here tom.

You bought your Palm Pre in your sleep??? :smiley:

What’s is your intial impression of it?

Ewen :slight_smile:

when you did the first scan, did you reboot first after installing comodo?

My Treo received (and delivered) a mess. at 4:13 AM yest. and said, “Palm Pre Release Day”, so yeah. lol Was first in line at Best Buy at 7:00 AM but not alone for long.

First, I’ll say that I was VERY satisfied with my TREO 755p. I prefer PalmOS to Win Mob. I wanted something more modern. Although I waited for this phone like AS a stalker, I will return it if it doesn’t meet my needs. Right now I am experiencing a learning curve. I had purchased the Iphone, but returned it within the week. I like the freedom for developers that made Palm unique. The Iphone restricted that greatly. So presently, the UI is too similar to the Iphone. I’m having to give the UI another chance. I DID learn how to use the browser today. Last night, I couldn’t figure out how to get the print larger, but did some reading in the manual and on Precentral (the BEST) and am feeling much more confident.

If you want more reviews, please visit PreCentral. EVERYBODY’s talking, and it is not all one-sided info.

Panic, thejoedoe, Kyle, eXPerience, languy99;

Thanks for your concern and help. I finally gave in and paid for support. A person named Peter helped me via chat and liveperson. What patience! I think he worked for 2 hours. Now it is onward to see if all stays good. Thank you.

Was it someone from comodo? If so I find it a good deal for $39 a year to get that kind of support.

Yes! And I agree. The money was worth it.

Wow that sounds great justjill. I didn’t expect that kind of time of support… I may even reccoomend it to my family soon…


I have the same problem or worse, running Windows XP, SP2 or SP3.
Thanks for the advice to uninstall Comodo, using F8 during startup → Safe Mode → Uninstall

** The problem **
When I turn on, I get to the Windows XP “which user do you want to login as” screen and select my account. I have adminstrator privilege.

I cannot run a program by clicking on the desktop.
I cannot run the Comodo configuration interface by clicking or double-clicking from the system tray icon.
The Comodo interface doesn’t just appear when I login (as it used to).
I had selected Windows Update (Express Install) but when Comodo update asked for a restart, this was left witing for action. After the reboot, I said Yes to Windows Update but this was unable to complete, instead showing a “not authorised” error message.

On the Start menu, I see the list of options and I can expand the Start menu into “All Programs”. But then when I click on a folder (eg Accessories or Startup) it does not open.
From Start > Run I can browse for a program to run (eg the Comodo configuration exe). But after navigating to the program I get a message “You are not authorised to run this”.

Start>Shut Down>Turn off computer gets a message “Not authorised to do this”.

I can turn the PC off properly by logging off instead of choosing shut down, then selecting shut down from the Login page.

** How it happened **
I just updated to the latest version.
I’ve had Comodo set to the “Training” mode on Defense+ and Firewall.
I thought this would give me alert messages each time an appli cation did something, and allow me to steadily configure my protection by determining which apps I was prepared to allow.

On reading the notes beside the “what level” slider, it appears that Training mode simply “learns” every behaviour and reckons it to be acceptable… is that really so? (Q1)

So I set both Defense+ and Firewall to “Safe”.
Next I double-clicked on a shortcut icon for Acrobat 9 on the Desktop.
I got a warning “explorer.exe is trying to execute Acrobat.exe”.
I choose the action “Safe” and “isolated application” - meaning Acrobat, but perhaps this got applied to explorer?
What does “isolated application” mean? (Q2).

** Questions / Proposed Solution **
I am running AVG Antivirus Free.
Should I also be running a Firewall? (Q3)
If so, is it appropriate to run Comodo Firewall (free) without any of the other Comodo facilities such as Defense+?

If I do run Comodo Defense+, how do I get all the appropriate rules set up to regard my applications as “safe”? (Q4)

Thanks for any help you can give,


Welcome to the forum Martin :slight_smile:
You need to go into Safe mode (F8) to either delete the rule for explorer or change it in Defence+.
Edit The first alert is for Explorer to launch Acrobat so how you answer this alert affects only explorer.
Isolated application means it can run but is very limited in what else it can do.

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