Please welcome our newest Global Moderator!

captainsticks has just joined the Global Moderators and we feel he is a great addition to the team.

Congratulations captainsticks! :slight_smile:

Welcome and congratulations captainsticks. I am surely you will be a great moderator in the best tradition of Comodo moderators. :■■■■ (:NRD)

Congrats Captain…

Yes congratulations for sure. But I did not even know that captainstick want to be a moderator here in Comodo forum. Hmmm … Sometimes thinks just happens.

He never asked. We asked him. :slight_smile:

Basically, asking to be a moderator is the easiest way to ensure you will never be a moderator. :wink:

It’s all about helping for the sake of helping. Not for some sort of reward.

Remember that, Jeremy. >:-D

Congratulations :■■■■

Cangrats to you Captain!! Welcome aboard mate!


Sure, congrats Captain !

Recently we said “Good bye” to LeoniAquila
Since he promised to “stick around here” I asked him to keep that promise & stick around / in & within

… and the same very day or the next morning Captainsticks became a moderator … hmmm 88)

Do not try to convince me that it was just coincidental event… I’m not listening! ;D

Just joking - well deserved, Captain! :-TU


LOL. It may appear that way, but Captain has been on our collective radars for several months due to his calm nature, rational postings and a general desire to help for the sake of helping.

While it is sad to farewall LeoniAquila, natural attrition is unavoidable - life has a habit of filling in the blanks in between whatever we plan. I wish LA the very best for the future and Captainsticks the same for here and now and the future ;)).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, thanks very much for your wishes and kind words. I am sure I can’t replace anyone, but I hope doing my best will make me a worthwhile addition. Thanks.

WE are quite sure you will be a worthwhile addition, Cap’n.

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Thanks Tech it is appreciated :).

Congratulations Captainsticks the newest Global Moderator of Comodo :wink:

PS. Just be extra careful poking your stick around the Comodo forum just because your a Global Moderator, otherwise I’ll break your stick in half…Okay Capeesh ;D

Have a :■■■■

Hey thanks Speedy :).
Now about that stick, if that happens then I will have two Sticks ;).

Then don’t behave like Bruce Lee playing with two sticks your not a Comodo Dragon :smiley:

Congrats :slight_smile: You’ll be a good mod. I hope you like you new position.