Please wait, Firewall is initializing...?


Every time I boot the computer,
my Comodo 3 always being “Please wait, Firewall is initializing”.
The duration is about 7 minutes…then become"All system is active and running"

Does it means that my computer is widely open to the attackings on internet in this 7 minutes?
Or Firewall could still work in this 7 minutes?


Do you have “Terminal Services” switched off in M$ services,if yes this slows down initialization by a lot.
You are okay before you get the green tick as the main drivers/cmd agent are loaded very early in the boot sequence.

Regards Matty

thx a lot for replying

so though Comodo in yellow status…the firewall could still block things?

Give it a try,put Firewall in “Custom Policy Mode”/remove any rules you have for a given application that connects to the net(say IE as this is easy to change back to web browser)/re-boot/during yellow status open IE/you will get a pop up asking for permission.