Please verify my assumptions regarding code signing of Java applications


I need to be able to sign Java JAR files that will be run on versions of Java as far back as Java 6. I did note that in Java 6 lists “Comodo AAA CA” as one of the trusted certificate entities and I’m considering buying a Comodo code signing certificate from a reseller. Can someone please confirm the following:

[ol]- I’ll be able to sign a JAR file and run this as a Java application (not applet) for Java 6 and later (7, 8, etc.) releases.

  • Any “Comodo Code Signing Certificate” will do the trick; in other words, there’s not a specific type of Comodo certificate (e.g., for Java) that I need to purchase.[/ol]

Thanks in advance.

I see my post has been read a number of times but with no response; does anyone from Comodo monitor these forums? If so, I’d appreciate an answer. Though the prices for your code signing certificates are certainly, the price doesn’t matter much if it won’t accomplish what I need, which is for the certificate to be recognized by Java 6 (and later). If I don’t get a response I guess I’ll have to go with one of the other companies’ more expensive certificates. :frowning: