Please update approved software list: firefox.exe

Mozilla Firefox has been upgraded. Please update the internal hash in CPF to include the new version.


same for mozilla thunderbird as well.

I’m also having a hard time with Firefox. :cry:

A temporary workaround is to manually add them as trusted applications:

Open the CPF control panel by double-clicking on the tray icon, select “security”, “tasks”, “Define a new Trusted Application”, and browse up the executables.

However, this is just a temporary workaround until Comodo ships an update with the updated hash values for firefox and thunderbird.


There is always an answer one can find to nearly every question … thanks, look forward to the update.


Regarding updated Comodo certified applications. Does this process go on in the background or should the user be prompted for this update? (like a program update).


very good question.

our AV does the update on the background and informs the user when done…

we were planning on doing the same…
but ideas are welcome pls.


Personally, I would like the automatic downloads of anything to be optional, with an manual update option. I do not like things downloading without asking. Unexpected downloads can end up costing a small fortune when you’re roaming overseas on a GPRS dial-up.

good point.

so should it be on by default?
and you can simply turn it off?
considering the majority of users would (might) want it auto download and don’t want to be disturbed?


I’m not that bothered… as long as I can turn if it off. Normally, game players don’t like this sort of thing either… as it can ruin their ping-rate… and get them killed. ;D But, all-in-all, it is probably best to have automatic updates ON by default. This way, the less experienced user will not miss the updates.

ok agreed.

auto update is enabled by default.
but you get an option to disable.
We’ll see what we can do for the next release :wink:

I also agree that auto-updates should be enabled by default :). It would also be nice to have CPF automatically download (or prompt for) newly certified applications. Failing that, prompt the user that an application has been updated (i.e Firefox) and then allow the user to approve this update.


How about having an additional option to just alert the user when an update is available (discreetly with a small sliding popup or by changing the tray icon and tool tip text)? The user can then update manually later at his/her own convenience. This goes for both program and certified applications updates.


(:KWL) Cool! (:CLP) (:WAV)

How about just simply “dropping a red envelope” in the systems tray (with settings “never hide”) whenever any comodo-application has a message that it wants you to acknowledge?

Most users don’t normally unhide their tray icons to discover if the firewall icon has changes colour. Adding a custom tray icon for “message that needs interaction” would simplify things a bit for those users that prefer a manual solution.

The envelope icon could of course be colour-coded, based on how critical the message is, eg:

RED) Important security update
YELLOW) Application database update
GREEN) Informative