Please Stop Offering Mysterious Updates

Over the past couple of days, Comodo CIS has been asking me to upgrade to a new version. When I click the “Update Details” link, the most recent version listed is “Version 3.13.121240.574 : 25th November, 2009”. Please don’t offer me updates that you’re not ready to list a changelog for.

The website is usually behind. This may be by design, if there are any glitches, at least they don’t go out to the masses. Just a minor AV update. The following thread explains:

The update is already going out to the masses because the auto-updater is offering it. All I’m asking is for the auto-updater to not offer the update if the web site isn’t going to tell me what has changed. If there is concern about not offering a new build to brand-new users then make the updater forward to a release notes page that is not easily accessed by browsing the site.