Please show more detail about the defense+ popup

hello everyone!

:-LaI think COMODO should show more detail about its defense+ alert, because I was puzzled when COMODO told me that the application I wanted to run was not safe accroding to COMODO defense+'s heuristic inspection. Maybe the best choice is to know more about the “unsafe application” through COMODO’s kind-hearted measures. :wink:

Thank you forum members and COMODO staffs!
I’m so sorry for my English.

If you mean that you can’t see the actual file that’s been detected, because the start of the path is ghown, but the rest doesn’t fit, I agree, wholeheartedly.

If anyone, here, has access to the forum admin, can you let them know that SMF is on v1.1.16, now.

The update is a SECURITY fix. (I’m a member of the support team, there)


I simply disable te defense + at this time because its too much of a nuisance and doesn’t even show the filename of what its blocking

Seems that nobody cares. :frowning: