Please share your global firewall rule setting

I’m wondering whether I have the best protection with the default so please you experts show us your global firewall setting which you believe offers the best protection.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Out of the box, the best protection is to set your configuration to Proactive. After this, it is really a matter of how granular you want to be. Personally I find that it is a balancing act between usability and manageability.

I tend to be careful with the firewall rules. When a new application tries to access a network, comodo only has a few options in the popup. I never use the blanket allow access, but tend to create a rule that is more specific to the application. The blanket rule allows any protocol from and to any address, that is way too loose, even for trusted apps.

Unfortunately the option to create a rule based on the detection is not available. I mean if the firewall detects myapp.exe trying to access the internet on address port xxx UDP, you should be able to choose create a rule just for this. Of course, the more specific you are about your rules, the more management is required on your part…

Hope this helps


So you mean the default proactive rules are enough?

But I would like to see other people’s global rules still… ;D

You can follow the guides here. Guides - CIS.

Thanks HeffeD I read that before I’m just curious to see other people’s global firewall rules.
In the past I’ve seen some interesting micromanage rules.