Please restore all data you need before March 3rd!

Dear Comodo Online Backup Beta users!

To enable simultaneous operation of Comodo Online Backup on several PCs, we have to make significant changes to data storage format.
Additionally, we have to change encryption method we use, so old data will become unusable with next release, beta 6.

This means that all data on existing accounts will be deleted on March 3rd.


All data stored to our servers before March, 3rd will be DELETED.

All accounts will continue to work.
All your new data backed up on our servers starting from March, 3rd will be stored permanently (or until you remove it).

Please note that first backup after transition to new version will include all files which may take longer than usual backups which transfer only modified files to server.

Thanks a lot for participation in beta testing!
We hope you will continue using Comodo Online Backup and will continue providing us with your valueable feedback on this service making it possible for us to improve it.

Sorry for inconvenience.