Please report any false Positives in this board

Hi Guys

This board is designed to get any False Positives(FP) reported by CAV. Please use this board for any FP reporting as our AV Analysts watch this board.

Also: here is a very nice tool CIMA (Comodo Instant Malware Analysis). You can always check the files you get with this tool that allows malware to infect a machine so that we can see the damage it causes. So everytime you submit a file we sacrifice a machine! Literally! But this is one sure way of catching these buggers!

Thank you

Is this just a scanner or will files that really are malware be added to the virus definition file (so there is no need to submit them)?

I just uploaded a new fake virus scanner (these things are a plague!) with this result:
Rated as Suspicious by 1 Report Entries

The files, if found suspicious, get fed to our Analysts for them to analyse further and create signatures.



If it say’s not suspicious and i know that it is, where can we report it then ?
Is there a way to get a checkbox on the web page to give a hint that it should be considered suspicious ?
So AV labs can further investigate ?

these are the ones you can submit using malware submittal email address we have and you can explain that its malware in the email.

thank you Ronny! Your efforts are much appreciated!