Please refer a friend! Its very important to us. Thank you

hi, ive installed comodo on two of my friends laptops , and they are more than happy with it. and i shall continue to recommend it to everyone i know.

Respect to Comodo staff!
I’ve never used your firewall before. So, I’d like to use it to have an opinion on the Comodo software.

CIS has by far been the best AV+FW I’ve ever come across. Wud give 10/10 for home users.
The interface is clean. The scanner & FW do exactly what they’r supposed to do. The options you provide for advanced users is absolutely wonderful. Dont remember having so many options even with the paid subscription I’d all these days.
Great work guys you’ve really come a long way from the days when there were scary reviews saying that Comodo hogs up too much memory. Now as far as I’ve seen all the reviews about CIS have been positive.
And seems you people are kinda building up a momentum here…Maintain it with more such innovative (& free :wink: ) products…
Hey btw installed CIS in a couple of old machines last week and the owners say that this has been the best AV they’ve used…
Will definitely recommend to all my friends about this wonderful tool called CIS…
Great work guys and thanks again…

Oops…Did I end up writin a testi here? :o

Thanks Comodo for keeping me safe. FYI, I have referred your products to my brother who is in I.T. for the E.P.A… He is currently reviewing Comodo IS on his home network as we speak! So far so good! What a great product. ;D

I promote COMODO as best as I can and everywhere I go. Recently I started to promote it on forums.

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I will try my best to spread the word, for such a great company! O0

Really appreciate it AyeAyeCaptain!

thank you



You only have the AV? I suggest you get CIS (Comodo Internet Security), also V4 be out soon,

oO(“Default Deny!”)Oo :-TU

The first time i used Comodo Internet Security is very good! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

I was used to a famous antivirus program to protect my computer, but always have problem with their subscription, i am sure my subscription is not expired yet.
After i checked, it’s look like some virus attack their subscription status, so my antivirus software doesn’t work.

I like the Comodo Internet Security because it’s easy to used, not reduce my computer speed, alert my what to do with unknown program, secure my computer from internet attack (i see the log that some site try to attack my computer), integrated antivirus and firewall seem don’t have any hole right now and of course it’s free ;D.

I refer this program to all my family, and now they used this program.

Thanks you.

Read/Search the forum for v4 of CIS, I’m sure you’ll like what they have in store for us… (V)

Hello people, brand new newbie. :slight_smile: I got to this site as my paid for protection on my computer was due for renewal. A very well known brand, when i first purchaced it, the sales pitch was all singing and dancing. What it did not tell me that there was comaptibility issues with my internet provider. So i did have one or two problems during the year. On contact with them, they told me that yes they can fix the fault at a cost.

Not bad considering that they was part of the problem. When the renewal date got nearer i was inundated with popup prompts telling me to re-purchace. One of the very items that i paid them to filter out btw.
It was very difficult for me to change over, so i took the advice from a good freind of mine who is both a programmer and web site disigner and a good one at that.

He kindly removed by remote the old software and recommended and installed comodo, that is why i am here. All appears to be working fine, in the background and i look forward to see how this new software performs on my machine. So sorry if my first post is a bit long winded, thats me i’m afraid. Looking forward also to speading the word. Thanks Guys. :-TU

Actually Ive already emailed everyone I know about comodo.

As well as posted comodo on my social media.

You deserve all the attention you can get comodo.

i share daily