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Well Good Morning Melih from Australia (Australian EST 5.45 AM)

So you are Comodo’s Hero?

Sure I would love to help Comodo, BUT first Comodo must Help Me!

This Dumb 80 year old Aussie from ‘the horse and buggy days’

Unfortuantely I do not have any online friends, as yet, BUT I am working on it!

What I do need First is Help from Comodo! (:LGH)

P.S. Has no one else replied to your post?

Hi Ken

Nice to have you with us.

I have noticed your request for help. If you post it in the CIS help section you will get help very quickly. The place where you posted might not be noticed.

thank you


Thank youi Melih!!!

80 year old Ken Langdon (:WAV)
Noosaville, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

I’ve done more than just “refer” Comodo, I have installed various Comodo products on a great many computers. And now that the Anti-Virus component will run on Vista, there are no “holes” in the product line that forces me to other products (I used to recommend Avast! for Vista machines).

As a computer consultant (side job), I used to recommend TrendMicro as the best ■■■■-for-the-buck due to the low cost and ability for centralized management and reporting.

With Comodo however, it was the first really “free” anti-virus solution for companies that I found which also happens to work fairly well and does not kill the performance of the PC. It lacks a centralized “command center” for reporting which is handy for large corporations where a small handful of technicians must maintain and watch for virus outbreaks. I am hopeful that you guys will be able to implement a solution in the future that will help rectify that area.

The line of products are hands down the best solutions for personal computers and home environments. Even if people have the money, I do not recommend McAfee or Norton for various reasons which I won’t go into here.

I would like to work with you guys on how to target the corporate environment so I can roll this software out for companies that I work with and document the process so I can show others how to roll this software out on a large scale and maintain it on a regular basis.

I am currently devising a plan for protecting our networks from more complex virus outbreaks and software firewalls will be the primary focus. Comodo’s firewall product looks like it is up to the task but I will need to do further research on the control mechanisms, policies and such for it to work in a corporate environment that has hundreds of computers and many subnets.

EDIT #1: I have also mentioned Comodo to a large base of game players on a popular gaming forum here: How To Protect Your PC

EDIT #2: Ronny, thanks for the heads up. Seems that the product is due to release (with CIS support) any day now!!! I’ve submitted this info along with the proposed cost structure per machine to my boss.


Hello LHammonds,

I think what you’re looking for is this:
Endpoint Security Manager

At this stage it only supports Comodo Firewall/D+ (CFP) but CIS is planned for beta around march if I’m correct.

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Yes we are ready to do that.
But now help me in one urgent issue.
I am using free firewall of comodo.
From yesterday whenever i am updating my antivirus giving warning as virus detected.
I mail to support dept. But no reply
Please see attach file
with thanks

[attachment deleted by admin]

Answered here

Please do not double post!!

Thanks melih for calling users to refer CIS to friends, for me i m promoting it, in all way…my friends calling me brand ambassador of CIS nowadays… haha… Apart from fun i think CIS is brilliant now getting brilliant each day.
We all (users) will promote CIS bcoz its the best & as i can speak for me i feel like i m part of comodo family.
Thanks all :slight_smile:

Dear Melih
After some quarrel with downloading a pirated copy of the McAfee software, I have thrown in the towel. I was merely considering their software, where it is only a firewall that I need. I just happened to download a pirated copy of it. McAfee has hired a service to bother consumers for their lack in security on the registration and update service. Very funny, if you start thinking about it.
It made me investigate for a replacement and I stumbled on Comodo. I have installed the free firewall and I must say it looks very good. I also read your welcome post on this forum and was welcome surprised by your noble goal.
Further reading and investigation brings me nothing but promising good news and it looks like you have a new messenger to tell about your noble and well scoring software.
Keep up the good work … I will do mine in spreading it.

Welcome aboard and thank you for your kind support!


Dear Melih.
I have been using your products for a few years and they are very very good. I also like your “philosophy” about free software. So I wrote about your programs on my computer blog. And not just that. I am also having special “security division” page with over 40 free security applications. I put 5 of your programs in this category. Not just to promote your products, but also because you and your products deserve to be exposed to every computer user.

best regards

Thank you. btw I would invite you to try the latest beta we have for CIS to see how quite it is now (quiter than others u tried :wink: )


Hey Melih,

I would definitely help spread the goodness of Comodo. :slight_smile:

Firstly, Comodo is also a huge help for me. So I think this is the time to repay Comodo for it’s job well done. :wink:

I will spread Comodo’s coolness with my family, friends and collegues. ;D

Thank you zyrelle27 ! Really appreciate your support.


No problem. We Comodo users should be the one thanking you guys. :slight_smile:

It’s not really a hard job, spreading the comodo craze. :wink: I ask my brother to use your product and he says he would.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

More power to Comodo staff. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Yes, i did,in order to support comodo,wish you better and better

Thank you!

It is thanks to people like you, millions more will be secure by getting to know Comodo.


No problem great program I use for Windows Vista 8)