please read my question =) about firewall security

guys is it ok if i include the “system” in comodo’s new trusted application? a few months ago i faced a problem with my internet. there are times when i cant receive internet connection even though my DSL line is fine. the icon on the system tray says connected but i still cant access internet. i thought it was a virus so i reformat my pc. it went fine until this morning. happened to me again.

so i checked comodo’s events and saw “system” being blocked by it. so i went to new trusted application and added system there. i restarted my pc and its ok now. so my question is, is it safe to let system be trusted? i added the whole system folder. should i only add system.exe? thanks a lot…

how can i remove those trusted applications then? which tab is it found? well if i set my trusted application settings into default, how can i solve my problem then? it keeps on blocking “system” and yahoomessenger.exe. if that happens, i wont be receiving internet connections then.

PS: system i referring to is the system folder in windows. im not that good in computers btw. i think svchost, winlogon, services, etc are under the system im referring too :slight_smile:

May I suggest instead, make System ‘Outgoing Only’.
The same thing with SVCHOST.EXE