Please read before updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716(OS Build 15063.447)

These are preview updates, so wouldn’t have touched them anyway, but since I see it also seems to apply to Win 7, the question is will the problem still exist when the proper ones will be released on (I assume) Patch Tuesday?
I’m using Comodo Firewall, still at, considering the issues I saw reported with v10, and with doing a straight update to it, on Win 7, so really wouldn’t want to be forced to update because of it and jump straight into whatever other issues will be caused by that. So if a fix is needed, maybe one could be backported and released as a separate hotfix to just avoid this problem for those staying on legacy versions as well?

PS: I’m on 32-bit…

I have just uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo - the version is now showing as 6246 - where do I get the latest ‘fixed’ version they are talking about???

Captain sticks - Iwas talking about finding the version of Comodo, not Windows - but I have found it now - I just need to know how to get this “Fixed” version they are talking about as the latest version seems to be 6246

We are working providing fixed version of Comodo Internet Security.
A release candidate is likely today.

While we will be releasing fixed versions of Comodo Cloud Antivirus and Internet Security Essentials today as provided in release candidate preview here.

Why Comodo Firewall has an “update” button if it doesn’t work?
My version still v6223 and it say that everything is up to date, how come?

This has cost me hours this morning - it’s all right for you Geeks but it’s goobledegook for most of us home users! Windows 10 updates automatically so how can we stop this update until Comodo gets their fix out?

Hi amapopa,
Because we have yet not released updates of CIS. So if you have older version, you will have v6223 as latest unless you do fresh installation that will give v6246.


Hi gillei,
Updated main post with some steps:

Umesh - I have the latest version of Windows - new computer is only 2 weeks old - there is NO Pause Updates option any more

Please run winver.exe and share OS build and version details.

There is No pause updates in Windows 10. Microsoft advise that was a Windows 7 feature, however this is what you do:
To disable your updates
follow these steps:

press windows key + R

type and enter: services.msc

look for windows update services

when you see that , right click on it, choose properties, and change startup type to disable

Once Comodo has fixed the issue and updated - do the same procedure but enable it

How will we be advised please that this issue is fixed and will there be instructions on what to do? Like I say, we are not all Geeks!

We will send a CMC message as soon as we have updates available allowing users to manually update although auto update of CIS will kick in and you will see offer to update when we release updates.

Yep I had that but easily fixed (for me)
Edge and Mail very slow to load and FF just crashed
How I fixed it was to go double click on this PC/ MAIN RIGHT click/ properties. Disk cleanup/Click disk cleanup/ select Cleanup system files/ WINDOWS UPDATE CLEANUP and let that run.
After finished restart PC and all as fine.
tried on 2 PC’s all working well now. Can’t say it’ll work for everyone.

The biggest issue I has was comodo popped up a warning about it and the site wouldn’t load so I couldn’t see the warning. Kept getting stuck at TLS handshake but as I’m here now. Thats working fine now. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am using Home edition & can not defer updates. But fortunately I live in India & the update is not released yet here (at least for me). But as of for now I am temporarily disabling updates completely from services.

“Well done!” >:(

After W10 update - black screen with Comodo widget, thought that it was graphics driver. No posssibility to reach safe mode (maybe dualboot problem?) → fresh W10 install → latest Comodo (downloaded from filehippo) installation → black screen again (!!!) - > safe mode → Comodo error message “unable to uninstall” :-TD :-TD :-TD

“Thank you” >:(

There is still an pauze option, in windows 10 ûnder advaced settings.

OK I posticiped update until 07 / 07 / 2017 hope the issue will be fixed soon. Thanks for the message from Comodo Center

I AM curious to understand also me why that kind of issue happen and seems move Comodo to work on the issue just when some user report the issue.
Is Comodo Team testing in advance software before Microsoft update are released?

Also in the past I see same issue, Windows update and Comodo issues that brake my PC. I love Comodo but as suggest is very important that the software is tested in advance, before Microsoft release updates :slight_smile:

AnyWay thanks for alerting me in time to stop Windows Update, temporary.

It is not clear (to me) whether this will actually work on Windows 10 Home.

What is the relation/difference between “Windows Update” and “Update Orchestrator Service”?
When I checked they were both on “manual”. I changed both to “disabled”, will that effectively prevent Windows updates?