Please read before updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716(OS Build 15063.447)

Hi All,
We strongly advise Comodo users not to update to latest MS update KB4022716, which is available for Windows 10 users till they have new fixed version of Comodo internet security products installed.

Affected Products:

  • Comodo Internet Security / Comodo Antivirus / Comodo Firewall (Affected versions: v6246 and below. Bug fixed in v6254 and above. Update Released on 6th Jul, 2017 )
  • Comodo Cloud Antivirus (Affected versions: v533 and below. Bug fixed in v537 and above. Update Released on 30th Jun, 2017)
  • Internet Security Essentials (Affected versions: v81 and below. Bug fixed in v88 and above. Update Released on 30th Jun, 2017)
  • Comodo Secure Shopping (Affected versions: v97 and below. Bug fixed in v99 and above. Update Released on 6th Jul, 2017 )

Possible Problems:
In case you have updated to MS update KB4022716 prior to updating to latest fixed version of Comodo products, following issues may appear:

  • Crashing browsers
  • May not be able to login to Windows

If you are able to login, you can uninstall Comodo and re-install latest fixed Comodo version. Else you need to go to Windows Safe Mode and uninstall Comodo product or re-store system to state before Comodo product was installed.

In case you want to keep Comodo and pause Windows updates for some time, you may use following steps:
Step - 1: Click on Start icon on Windows
Step - 2: Next click on Settings menu item, it will open “Windows Settings” window
Step - 3: Select “Update & Security” section from there and it will show “Windows Update” section
Step - 4: Click on “Advanced Options” next, there is “Pause Updates” section allowing you to pause Windows updates for next several days

You can find same steps with images here .

There are unexpected changes in last MS update KB4022716, which are incompatible with Comodo products.

Progress so far as of 30th Jun, 2017:

Progress so far as of 6th Jul, 2017:
Release of Comodo Internet Security products have been done in production and thus updates for all affected products have been released:

This is scheduled to be released on 5th Jul, 2017 6th Jul, 2017 if all goes well with final testing.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.


<<<29-Jun-17: umesh: Edit: Added CCAV and ISE release candidate links>>>
<<<30-Jun-17: umesh: Edit: Added CIS, CAV, CFW and Secure Shopping release candidate link. Added fixed versions of CCAV and ISE>>>
<<<05-Jul-17: umesh: Edit: Updated expected CIS release date>>>
<<<06-Jul-17: umesh: Edit: Updated CIS release announcement>>>

It’s nice to have an official statement about this issue.
I hope the hotfix will come soon.

Another temporary solution would be to uninstall Secure Shopping to fix not being able to login properly and add web browsers file group to exclusions of detect shellcode injections to fix crashing of certain web browsers.

Strange, but I have absolutely no problems after the last update. Everything works well. :-TU

What a mess. I just lost a whole day yesterday re-installing 2 W10 PC’s that were rendered unusable by the latest update. Not only does it look like COMODO does not test new MS updates or does not receive MS updates in advance for testing but it took until later yesterday for a user (cocalaur) to post the problem - Thanks. I was searching low and high for hours before realizing it was caused by COMODO. Nobody from COMODO support was proactive until this morning to post. I’m using COMODO for many years on several PC’s but it gets to the point where it is more trouble than it’s worth. >:(

I think it happens also on Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 64bit
Comodo Firewall

Since KB4022168 update yesterday, Internet Explorer 11 had crashed at least 5 times so far.

If that’s the case, do you plan to make a hotfix also for such an old version? :-\

Hi loverboy,
Fix we have in progress applies to all OS although so far we have validated against Windows 10 so far.

We will check further.


My only problem after this windows update is that Firefox doesn’t start up anymore (but it works again using futuretech’s solution), no problem with other browsers (chrome, vivaldi, opera, edge).

I have Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6223 and don’t have Secure Shopping installed.

Release candidates for Comodo Cloud Antivirus and Internet Security Essentials:

Please try that out.

Hi loverboy,
As per:

under Known issues in this update section MS has mentioned following:

'After you install this update, Internet Explorer 11 may crash when you visit some websites. The problem may occur if the website is complex and uses certain web API's.'

Do you see crash problem with IE only or with other browser e.g. Firefox also?



Maybe a problem with the servers?

I use only IE11 so I can’t tell if it happens also with other browsers.
Anyway thanks for the Microsoft link… it seems the problem is on their side and they will release some fix sooner or later :-TU

Please elaborate.

Many people complain about problems with updates. Perhaps this is somehow connected.
Unfortunately, I can not say for sure.

Personally, I have no problems.

Comodo main download pages for CIS Pro etc. 404 error and can’t do a clean install now either because of that!

Please check if you have host entries for

I Haven’t Had Any Issues What So Ever. My Computer Is Fully Updated I’m Using Two Browsers Microsoft Edge And Opera Neither Of Which Have Crashed Due This This Incompatibility.

Greetings and thank you for a good and free product, really happy to see the patience of some responsible ppl (considering some of the comments on here, throughout the years) on here even though you’re giving us a free product.

It seems that explorer.exe aren’t loading. After log in i’m presented with a black screen and a working cursor, when i bring up taskmanager, explorer.exe is not there, running explorer.exe via taskmanager doesn’t work either, just wanted you guys to know that, hopefully it could help identify the problem.
Windows 10 1703 64bit
Over and out.

SO - please tell me how I can easily find what version I have???

Hi and welcome gillei,
From the start menu run box, type Winver and enter.
Alternative, go to Windows settings system about.

Kind regards.