Please provide traffic / bandwidth / throughput / thruput monitor graphs

I’m a new user of Comodo Firewall. I used to use Sygate Personal Firewall but since it’s not been in development for years I thought I’d check out some other firewalls to see how they perform.

I’ve only been using Comodo Firewall for a few hours so I’m not ever sure if I will stick with it, but one thing that I immediately miss from SPF are bandwidth usage graphs so I can see a plot of data out and data in. This way I can see how much of my bandwidth is being used at any given time and if something looks suspicious I can investigate. It also helps just to see how much bandwidth I’m getting from my ISP/the server whilst surfing or downloading or whatever.

Are there any plans to include such a feature in Comodo Firewall? Would other people find such a feature useful?

I hope they will have something like this in the release that will be released veryyyy soon.

Others have also been talking about this.


i know this topic is old but i still would love to see this implemented also with a bandwidth controller. comodo has an amazing firewall and we havent seen anything new added to it in a while. i would like comodo to add a bandwidth controller by application and monitors, graphs, and stats as the original post says