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Hi all,

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Please could you let me know:
1.what I can set the check for updates time to?
At the moment it is set to the default time to check for updates which is 6 hours.
May I change the time COMODO checks for updates from 6 hours to say 2 hours?

  1. I have noticed that COMODO sometimes does not automatically update after the default 6 hours why?
    I wait for 7 or 8 hours to pass before I check manually for updates, when I do a manual update then COMODO updates.

  2. I have also that COMODO does NOT do any scheduled scans at all, I set it to do a full scan and waited 5 minutes after the scheduled scan, for example I set the scan to start at 12:00.PM and I checked to see if COMODO was scanning and it was not, so I manually started the scan.

  3. Would it affect COMMODO in ANY WAY if I protect it with a password?
    For example will it stop COMODO from protecting my PC or from automatically updating?

Thank you in advance for reading and answering my post, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


newcomerD :slight_smile: