Please keep changelogs up to date

The link above says the last update was on the 13th and often it takes weeks before it gets updated properly. Shouldn’t this be updated at the time of the next version release?

I noticed this too, so MY answer would be: Yes, right away!

I agree as well. Current changelog:;msg284178#msg284178

I’m also curious to see how long it takes before the changelog is updated after this thread was made.

Current Changelogs please! :P0l

considering that I ran in this several times by now: +2.


This change-log is even more important than the DB version and require just some short text… Shouldn’t be so hard to do prior to releasing an update!

Still no update to the changelog or any posts here. Pity.

As far as i can tell the only differance between the forum changelog and the site one is this one line:

“FIXED! System freezes and BSODs while D+ is learning file system actions”

Not much but maybe applicable…

That was the most I could see as well, though considering the program links to the web page and not the forums, I would expect the changelog to be updated accordingly. No one likes to go searching for something that should be right there where the program links to, yet is somewhere else.

There have been two updates since 3.9 I believe, yet only one listed change?

Umesh commented they should be there soon. Just wait a bit more. Sorry I can’t find the link for now.

In my opinion it seems shady to see that the changelog has been updated twice now (once to the 14th and then to the 15th) without leaving them as separate days and version numbers.

I thought this too. Not because I though that it was shady (because egemen clearly explained the reason for the two important follow-up updates). But I also wondered why it was all clumped together into one change log. I guess it was done so that it would be easier for users in the future to post their version number instead of having 3 different versions out in about a three day period, because everyone should update to .509 ASAP anyway.

One of the first things that I and many others do before updating is look at the changelog. With the huge delay Comodo often has I delay updating because I want to see what has changed.

I really am not liking how they handle their changelogs at all.

COMODO does update their change logs on the COMODO website rather slowly, but a change log is always posted on the forums right about when the update is released. Egemen has said in the past that this is because the forum community is focused on first (I’m guessing for issues like major bugs that might arise and need reporting).

Honestly, I don’t care if they post it on the forums. The program links users to this page and not the forums. People will check the page they are presented with, not go searching the forums for the changelog.

If they want to post it on the forums, then let it be a copy of what is posted on the changelog page.

but if you google comodo changelog the first link that pops up is the forum one. comodo changelog - Google Search

That’s nice? It still is not in the program and is not the page that opens from within the updater.

Yes, same here.

I’m getting the impression that they don’t care about this one bit. I’m quite confident others feel the same.