Please indicate the release number on the download page

Please show the the version/release number/date on the download page to make it simpler. This will mean people do not have to download the file to check the release/version because it can be the same one that a person has already. It saves Comodo and the user’s bandwidth.

I have just completed a new Windows install and wanted to install Comodo firewall. I wanted the latest version because I had some issues on my previous windows install where Comodo firewall kept forgetting applications so I had to keep allowing the same applications after every reboot which was very annoying.

I downloaded from the download page because I could not see what the release was, only to find it was the same release as I had on my hard drive.

i have also that problem… but u can click release history…i don’t know if it is available for firewall…i am using cis.

I third this request.

And you can’t even depend on the release notes page for the version number because it can take weeks after a release until Comodo finally updates it.