Please I need to protect my pc. I have been hacked and now I need help....

Hello, I want to know can I protect my pc these parts: c:/users/paloma/AppData/Local/Temp bla bla bla and C:/Windows/temp/…I need to protect these parts because someone try to hack my pc and I need your help n_n. I hope you answer…

By default, all unsolicited inbound connections should be blocked by the Firewall implicitly, unless explicitly permitted, i.e., specific Firewall rules allow the connection.

What is leading you to believe these resources are being hacked?

run killswitch and put it on show only untrusted processes mode…
this will identify untrusted processes on your computer and if you have malware, it will be in them.

Hello Chicadeaccion,

Which type do you use, premium, pro or complete ?

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I use premium comodo firewall. I have proactive mode but someone try to infected that parts in my pc because when I scan with my antivirus I found a lot of tmp or another infection in theses parts in my pc so I need to protect them, please help. The untrasted processed: heciserver.exe and sometimes is my account, paloma…I think It have been hacked my windows…

Is your A/V part of Comodo? You say the Firewall is in proactive, that suggests you’ve installed Firewall and HIPS Defense+

Is the A/V also Comodo?

If it is, I wouldn’t worry; Comodo will alert about malicious / suspicious detection as system is being used. It halts the system and nothing happens until you answer the question. You can do NOTHING but answer the question. Nothing else happens.

They’re probably just things downloaded while browsing that look bad to the scanner during scanning.

whats mean A/V part of comodo???

Are you using the CIS A/V or another kind of A/V? Perhaps you are using another A/V, e.g., Symantec, or MS Security Essentials, etc.

MMM…I use Escan…

Have you been using that a long time? The problem just began to appear now, or did you just recently begin using that and its showing the alerts to you now? Does the problem occur even after scanning / cleaning?

If you’re using CIS Firewall, nothing that you didn’t ask for can get in without your permission. Also, it blocks all attempts to get out unless you allow it.

Those folders are used during internet browsing and normal computer use. They could be old files and may just be false positives. CCleaner is the utility that I use to clean junk out of my system including all temporary files and the Temporary Internet Cache. Once you’ve cleaned out the temp folders / Internet Cache and run A/V scan, that stuff shouldn’t show up again.

Yeap, Y clean with escan again and again and again those carpet but they when I scan again, then appears tmp aor another infection again and again. Someone try to infect my pc. I have been used ccleaner but is the same thing and is not normal that when I clean they appears again…

Is it the same files that are repeated being flagged? Or different ones? After you scan / clean with the A/V does it ever scan clean? If not then its not cleaning whatever it finds. If its always finding NEW files, then its not interdicting an existing infection and that has nothing to do with the firewall.

If somebody is hacking your system from the interwebs, they’re going to be accessing more interesting things like all your pron pix rather than mucking around in your temp folders.

ge.variant.application.bundler.amonetize29(DB) adware.multiplug.LZ(DB) and another infection:C:\Users\Paloma\AppData\Local\Temp\EQF3054.tmp and is the same infection or the second infection or tmp…

About the hacking pc…is not normal that I found infection every day. Something is not correct with the system…

I strongly suspect that you have malware installed. Its even plausible you may have a rootkit. >:-D

Frankly, I believe what you are seeing are either false positives by your A/V, or are the poopies the malware is leaving behind. If its the latter, your A/V is not doing so well in not seeing the Big Bug leaving the poopies, or can’t clean the bugs / poopies it does find.

You need to get a handle on the processes executing on your system. Comodo HIPS D+ does that and will block anything it doesn’t recognize. It has been suggested to install KillSwitch, as that is a very comprehensive process explorer tool. It will show you files it doesn’t recognize and are potentially malicious.

You say you have Premium Comodo Firewall installed with proactive mode. Does that mean you’re using Comodo Internet Security with its firewall and the HIPS D+ together, but you’re not using the Comodo A/V but a non-Comodo A/V, i.e., EScan?

Sounds more like a PUP left behind by a bundled installer that extracted to the temp folder.

Well. I found the problem…someone is hacking my wifi and my internet. I found in killswitch attack dns and clone my ipv4 and then they attack my pc and infect my pc but I don’t know what kind of infection is these T_T.
Question: what is HIPS “D”. I know what is HIPS but “D”…

About the question. I use comodo internet security premium + HIPS but I don`t know what is “D+”.
The other program is Escan.