Please I need really help about my computer. Help me....

Hello. I need an important help with my pc. I have been hacked by other person and now my pc is danger so please I need a real help. I need to protect my pc but I don’t know how and I feel that my windows has been stoled. Thanks for read me and I hope your help. I am worried about this situation. Thanks

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What makes you think your computer has been ‘hacked’? Please provide more information.

Hello, thanks for answer me. If you see there, the person has entered in my system. In the first pic, if you read: VTROOT bla bla bla…you see it my pc is committed. Now my pc has another problems: 1. I check the system and I found infection or in my browser or in vtroot - 2. I can’t install my browser…comodo dragon don’t working but firefox is working and now working bad. I can’t update and when I try to update my internet, I can’t do it and the same thing is with google chrome. My internet is taken and I saw that when I navigate in internet in firefox, I saw comodo and is working on 100%. 3.I use vpn in canada example but then the internet don’t working and when I change my ip in china, then I navigate good…someone is try to entered my pc and believe me that comodo save me a lot but I need help with this situation. Thanks for read me…I hope your answer…

I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean, either way I’m not good at malware removal so hopefully someone else can help you with your issue if you are indeed infected with something.

run killswitch and identify all the unknown processes in your computer.

Ok, please read image…someone try to hack my internet and my pc…I don’t know what to do to protect. My firewall is mode firewall not mode internet…but I am afraid to change another option in my configuration because for now my pc is “safe” but I don’t know how can protect my pc from the attack. Thanks for answer me and I am sorry if maybe response later. Thanks…n_n

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in the system tab…
go to “view”
click on “show only untrusted processes”

lets see which processes you have that are untrusted.

Ok, this is the image…n_n…I hope your answer…

[attachment deleted by admin] is a google domain.
Possible use is for SafeBrowsing for Chrome or Firefox. looks like reverse dns lookup.
DN/IP for hosts/IP that cannot be resolved the usual DNS lookups are found often with the reverse lookups.
Not unusual.