Please! I can't find help anywhere!

Can someone please please help me! I am in a Comodo nightmare. I downloaded the free security package. Ahuge huge mistake! My laptop now doesnot respond! I cannot get my desktop! Nothing! It is dead! I loaded it, did a scan, removed the geek helper program, shut down, and now upon restarting I cannot get a thing! I have very senstive and difficult modul;es for myinternational internet banking that I can’t lose! The operator doesn’t answer on chat, they say it isn’t for free downloads anyway, same with the chat areas. I cannot register to submit a ticket as it keeps saying I am not entering the verififiable code, b ut it is not showing me one, only asking for a password. This is a nightmare. I wish i had never seen Comodo online. Can someone please please help me find free help. I need this thing OFF my computer!!!

Can you boot in safe mode?

Hey and welcome to comodo forums Fofura

I am sorry to hear that comodo is giving you a hard.

I would like to know if you have any other security software active and installed. Since you computer is not responding I recommend you to download CIS clean up tool and use this in safe mode (press F8 when the computer boots) as admin.

Enjoy your stay at comodo forums!

Valentin N