Please help

I downloaded Comodo last year (version 1.1 …) and worked fine until today (hadn’t used it since last fall.)

I cleaned my system but, when it came time to restart, my system just kept looping and now I can only get on via Safe Mode.

Something seems wrong/or missing in my startup process. System Restore hasn’t done the trick either

Can someone offer a solution to get my computer back functioning properly again? Please not I’m not a techie in any way, so any solutions need to be understandable for a regular joe like me.

Any prompt help much, much appreciated.


In order to help you, we need to understand what happened and what triggered this behavior. Do you have any other cleaning tools installed on your PC, that you recently used?
Have you tried the “Last known good configuration” option from the boot menu (this is displayed when you press F8 at start-up).

Thank you.