Please help

My firewall shows the massage: the network firewall is not functioning properly! I’ve run diagnostics and it shows me that some problems can’t be fixed, and save the diagnostic report. What shoud I do with this?

Have you tried a clean install?

I have same problem. After Automatic Update Firewall don’t work.
I’d uninstall and clean, after restart reinstall CIS (only firewall). Firewall don’t work!! (:AGY) ??? :cry:
then try again, uninstall and reinstalll, but installer tell me: CIS is instaled- run uninstall/upgrade…
Klik yes, but nothing happens ??? I can’t install (reistall) CIS

Using Vista Home premium 64bit

Do you have any active AV scanners running?
‘Active’ meaning on-access, not on-demand.

After manual registry clean (All Comodo threads), instal runs and now Firewall run :BNC

I am happy that it worked for you.