please help

new to comodo had a few problems but was ironed out on this forum. my son went on msn and now in comodos waiting for your review i ve got 657 files which are all the same c: system volume information restore 9d96abf5------ ive looked on the web but nothing can any one help. thanks to you all .eagle

Hi eagle1966

These file are for your system restore. If you purge, most if not all will disappear from your pending list. If there are any left just check them and remove. they will not be removed from your computer, only the list. Any other files that may be there you can do a lookup on them and then leave them or remove them as well.

Hope this helps


Those files have nothing to do with your son or MSN. Those are old restore points. Windows cleans out old restore points every so often automatically. You can also get the same results by using Windows disk clean up utility and clearing old out restore points which your son may have done. You can purge them and then remove them.

Many thanks for your help, i done what u said and now its fine, i do first look in the help page but some of it is to hard to understand, it makes it easyer to use the forum this way for me, im sure ill get the hang of it, cheers for all your help eagle.
before i go i asked for help a few days ago with svchost.exe about allowing this file, is it right to be inbound and outbound some times

svchost.exe is a component of the Windows OS and is required for various processes to function,so yes it should be allowed.However there are certain malware that hijack that name,the legitimate location for it is in the WINDOWS/system32 folder, if any request originates from a different location it is bad and should be blocked.