Please Help

I just want to know the correct way to set up internet explorer 7 in comodo3. I set it up as a browser but in network security policy it says custom and -

Allow TCP From IP To Any Where Source Port Is Any and Destination Port is 443,80 and 53.

and if I change it back to a predefiined browser setting it says allow all to all from any to any???

WHAT IS THE BEST CONFIGURATION FOR iexplorer? and how should I best set up defense plus process access rightsfor iexplorer??? This is just a home computer without any network or other users…

Are you using 3.18? If you set IE up as a web browser, the attached default policy is for web browser and should have been part of your installation at one time… Don’t know where you got the other rules. The allow http requests uses your “http ports” as a destination, and the separate DNS allows port 53 as a destination. In D+, I have IE set up as a trusted application, although windows system application should work also.

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Better advice. You are right in your reconfiguration as far as web browser. But use Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I use Opera, so can’t comment. :wink: