Please Help

After installing Comodo BOClean i received PFN_LIST_CORRUPT

Anybody experience this BSOD during installaton of CBOClean?

Hi vaioman,

Can you give us more info? What windows do you use and what Version of CBOClean and anything else that you can give CPU, Video Card make?



Triple Helix,
There definitely needs to be some guidelines on the information that needs to be included in a support request.
The question is how much can we ask…

vaioman ,
In order to make any sense of this we would need to know more about your configuration and system.
Please include as much pertinent information as possible.
PFN (page file number) corruption tends to be driver or memory related.
Is this a “home build” or custom cofiguration or is a “default install” of a proprietary vendor?
Are you overclocking?
Are you using memory not on your MB’s QVL (qualified vendors list)?
Are your drivers correct and updated?
If all else fails we have the PSC exam that Rotty has volunteered to help with.

Im using vista business OS.
Intel (R) COre ™2 CPU T7400 @ 2.16GHZ
NVDIA GeForce Go 7400

when i bought this computer OS is preloaded with lots of software. I’m using Sony VGN-SZ470N.
I installed NOD32 AV, Jetico Firewall, BOClean, Spyware Terminator.
Before that I try a lot security program (Kaspersky Anti Virus, A-Squared Anti Malware, Superantispyware, etc.)

Boclean version 4.23

I dont do overlocking. All my drivers is updated. I attached screenshot with reminder mark (see screenshot)

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The isatap warning is a known issue with Vista, that you have multiples bothers me…
Your memory is all stock and in good shape?
Have you tried any memory tests like Memtest on it?

i already checked RAM at safe mode and no problem reported.

And all these were disabled during your install of CBO per the installation instructions?
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