Please help with utorrent

Ok, I have followed this tut and when I open utorrent nothing pops up in comodo…now do I have to click on the p2p section of stealth ports wizard also so my traffic is not blocked or will that take care of it and I can delete the custom rules from this tut?

Also when it says…Destination port: A Single Port (Port: The port of BitTorrent/Utorrent)
I’m assuming this means my port that I chose in utorrent which is 60000 correct?

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Go to Global Rules and just follow this:

Source = Any
Source port = Any
Destination = Any
Destination port = 50000 (your uTorrent port)

Hope I help :wink:

So go to global rules and add then add everything you typed above?
Now what setting should the stealth ports wizard be on? or do I touch that?

So I am experimenting…I simply clicked the p2p option in stealth ports wizard and went to a site of mine and checked to see if I was connectable and it says yes, I also checked the status @ and it said success it could see me, so is this all I need or are there other settings to make it more secure?

Stealth Port wizzard —> Block all … then Global Rules — > Add and settings from above

Thanks so much…Ok something is weird, I’m seeding and it’s a pretty high upload but when I check to see if i’m open it says no also on a private site it says i’m not open.

This is how my settings are…
I clicked to block everyone in stealth ports wizard and then added the rules below…