PLEASE HELP with Uninstall

I know there’s a thread about the uninstallation of this program but I haven’t been able to find help in any of the advice there.

Background, I run Windows XP sp2, optimized for audio recording. My computer is only 3 months old.
It ran perfectly until one day i decided to protect it, after doing some reading i installed AVG free antivirus 8.0 and the version of Comodo Firewall that was out a few weeks ago.

After that everything went wrong. I have a wired internet connection, which was no longer recognized as connected. Any time I opened an internet window, the computer froze and I had to manually turn it off. Any time I opened an HTML help kind of file from either comodo or from the windows security center, the computer froze and i had to manually turn it off. Alt-ctrl-delete no longer worked when this happened.

I tried all the uninstall instructions I could find, but comodo does not appear in add/remove programs. I think the instructions for uninstalling it by command prompt using fwconfig -uninstall is for an older version since there is no such file. I went to non plug and play devices in the device manager and disabled the two comodo drivers but it still shows me that cmdagent.exe process is always running. If i try to delete it, it says access is denied. At this point, Comodo does not even appear to be open.

NOTE: my post length seems to be limited so i willl continue in the following post

Read all the stick notes first. Try running the batch file. Read here.

I uninstalled AVG. Some improvements are made. My internet connection reappears. I can surf the web. I still have the same problem as before with HTML help files. Comodo Firewall tells me “the network firewall is not running correctlly, run diagnostics” or something. So I ran diagnostics, it said there was a problem with the instalation then said it could fix it so i allowed it to. However, it still said it isnt running properly, and diagnostics no longer found a problem. I went to the repair folder and clicked the update button or whatever it found and installed an update. No difference.

Applications appear to run properly now except for the HTML help files but cmdagent.exe is still always running. Comodo still doesnt show up in add/remove programs. I can’t delete anything from the comodo folder. Etc. I try turning on my presonus firestudio audio interface, it starts a process thats roughly 30mb, but now my computer no longer works properly. I cant open some apps. Everything is slow.

I have no idea what to do, since it doesn’t appear in add remove programs and the “comprehensive instructions” assume that it does. Can someone help me eliminate this from my PC? I hope that when I uninstall it my problem will disappear.

Thanks to anyone who helps out.

EDIT: Vettetech, I read the sticky, but I do not understand how itll help. It said that the batch file is not a comprehensive uninstaller and that i need to uninstall the program first from add/remove programs, where it does not show up? Or will deleting those registries help me uninstall it some other way?

Download and run the batch file. Its a zip attached the the first post of USSS. You say your laptop is new. Didnt it come with security installed already?

If you didn’t have any previous security are you sure your not infected?

Its a desktop.
It had no security because it is a recording PC and it was set up to run minimal processes
I’m not sure its not infected, but AVG didn’t find anything before i uninstalled it
Internet had been minimally used, i’ve only been on websites for music software manufactureres and downloaded a couple VST plugins for my recording software, if you are familiar with what those are. They all run fine, i dont think they are the problem.

All I know is that the problems began when installed AVG and Comodo, and Comodo is the one that wont let me uninstall or do anything with it.

Can you think of a good way for me to check for/fix infection?

Dr. Webcurit is good. SuperAntiSpyware is great. Malware Bytes Anti Malware is good. Kaspersky AV tool is good. Did you download and run the batch file? Avast free is better then AVG BTW.

Have you thought about doing a System Restore back to before you installed AVG and Comodo?

Thanks for all your tips.
I have not run the batch file as i’m at work at the moment but i will when I get home and see how that goes.
If that fails i will try those programs you mentioned.

I never set a system restore point, nor do I know how to set one or do a restore, I had done very little with the computer so far as I had bought it pre-set up for audio recording with most of the software and had just been testing all the features, theres almost nothing saved on the computer aside from the software thats installed. But yeah I’m not very computer literate i’m just a musician. Is there some way to set the computer back to the way it was originally, or would that also delete all the software and so on that was preinstalled and essentially just leave me with windows?

If you reinstall Windows you will lose everything. System Restore is set to be on automatically by default and usually runs once a day. Before doing anything such as installing something you should make it a habit of making a new restore point. When you get home open up system restore and see how far back your restore points go. Hopefully there will be an entry from before you installed Comodo or AVG.

Thank you for the prompt reply Vettetech, I will do that for sure. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping there is one…
do you have any idea how long these restore points are usually stored for?

This is what microsoft’s site said:
"Note System Restore does not replace the process of uninstalling a program. To completely remove the files installed by a program, you must remove the program using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel or the program’s own uninstall program. "

So should I run the batch file,
try to delete those legacy files,
and then do a restore? or restore first?

That quote is not necessarily true. Try doing a system restore first. If there is no recent points then run the batch file.

i have succesfully used ‘system restore’ to go back from AVG8 to AVG 7.5 , so it should be OK. The only advice I can give is to pick a date a week or so beforehand - that makes sure that you are covered…

You may find it under Start > all programmes > accessories > system tools > system restore.

Thanks guys, I’ll be off work soon and free to try it out, I’ll let you know how it goes
Don’t worry, I’m pretty much going to pick the earliest possible system restore date I don’t have any data i’m worried about losing as long as I don’t have to reconfigure everything

Hi guys!

Turned out my manufacturer had sent the PC with system restore deactivated so that didn’t work. I downloaded Comodo on my other PC, burnt it to CD, put it on this comp, and tried reinstalling it. It didn’t even seem to realize that comodo had been installed already, it installed right on top. This time it showed up in add/remove programs so i removed it, then ran the batch file. Comodo seems to be completely gone! thanks for your help despite my strange computer situation

Some of the strange issues still remain, like the computer runs extremely slowly when i turn on my presonus firestudio and system restore tends to crash every time i try to open it, haven’t checked some of the other things but perhaps these are some other issue with my PC that was exacerbated by the install of AVG and Comodo.

If AVG and Comodo are gone then its not them. Have you run a virus and spyware scan? What kind of PC is it cause System Restore is on be default on any Windows machine.

its a sonica labs hush qxr, i think they recently replaced it with a new model, but yeah both programs are gone now
it would have been turned off because almost everything was turned off before shipping in order to free up maximum cpu for recording i think
I haven’t run a scan, I emailed the company’s tech support, i’ll wait for their reply before i run a scan so as not to mess anything else up
but yeah thank you guys for the help getting comodo off my comp, you guys were great with really prompt responses

Understand tech support is dumb. They are only gonna tell you to reformat. if you can afford to lose anything it will probably be your best option.

Haha I’m not really one who can judge that if it comes to computers, but I’ll keep that in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah I’m not worried about losing anything I’m just trying to get this fixed up so I can start doing serious recordings, up till now i’ve just tested random features, so if they want me to reformat I’m up for it.