Please Help With Restoring Update Files Properly

Hi, i’m a user of CIS from version v3. the main issue i’m facing is the update… i have a dial up connection & its hard to update 105MB definitions after each format. I tried everything said here in the forum such as dowbloading and the bases file & follwing the procedure :

Save the file on your computer (unzip it if needed)
Reboot in Safe-Mode
Open explorer and go to C:\Program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners
Rename bases.cav to bases.old
Copy the downloaded file here and rename it to bases.cav
Reboot your system in normal mode
Your AV database should be the latest full, and should only need to do an incremental update for the latest updates released after this full.

I did as said above and tried to update comodo using dialup, and its again downloading 20++ MB…what the heck is wrong with CIS. Please help me, I love the software and i need a workaround for this problem. It took me 3hrs to download the above said file using downloadmanager. and i don’t want to waste that much time again(to rund regular comodo update).