Please Help with installation of Windows Updates

I recieved a PM from Skynard he is seeking for help :


I’ve left your message and tried to find somewhere to ask a question - and finally, in frustration, returned here to ask you.

Believe me: I’m familiar with boards and forums. But this one has me licked.

So where do I post the question of how to install the MSWinXP update today of .net 3.5? Only way I could get it downloaded and installed was to turn off Comodo. For almost an hour I ran without any firewall.

So what were my alternatives? IMWTK. I was otherwise just hitting “accept” to every meaningless warning.

(Excuse the obvious frustration. I really want to be able to use and rely on Comodo.)

Skynard sould have pressed “trusted application” for that one, but not remember. Thats what I think.
Its safer than turning the firewall completely off. And its quicker than pressing allow for every small action.

Thats at least what I do when installing something I trust!
If its a baddie simply reboot and bam you will get a popup since you didn’t press remember =)

Of course not the safest way.

But saves time, and if you download something you are confident are safe… what the heck… let it run! =)
Chances are its safe!

(:LOV) (:LOV)

I have also downloaded .Net3.5 family pack and the second update for languages and I did not got a single alert of CIS! Windows update is very known app of Microsoft and should be recognized by CIS, so I think the update must be doing a lot off stuff and it is driving CIS crazy… so put CIS in installation mode when performing the update to get less pop -ups… or set CIS to training mode… and after the update set it back to your prefered mode…

If you leave CIS installation untouched, you should get no pop ups when using windows update because the default configuration covers windows update, unless it is modified manually…